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How To Start A Sticker Business

One of the most fun and creative businesses to run is a sticker business. It's one of those products that people will part with a few pounds for and if you get your prices right and sell plenty, those few pounds add up to a few hundred, or a few thousand! Get your branding right, create well made appealing stickers and you're onto a winner. You need to figure out a few things before you dive in though, or you might find yourself a little bit stuck. Let's a have look at how to start a sticker business.

What Stickers Will You Sell?

Let's first figure out what stickers you will sell. Consider that there are many different types of stickers in the stickers market and you likely don't want to try and take on the entire market in one fell swoop. Maybe it's stickers for homework and planners you want to focus on. You know the type, for highlights in journals and adding fun and details to jotters. Then there are bumpers stickers were are great for cars. You can really offer some fun for vehicle owners with stickers containing slogans they'd like the person behind them on the motorway to be able to read.

Perhaps you'd like to offer wall stickers for the home. You know the type, decorative stickers which can help to transform a room and give it really atmosphere. When you start a sticker business you need to know what area you're going to focus on and this can become a niche you carve out for yourself. 

Find Your Audience

Next you need to find your audience. Look online for where these items already sell and what audience you can sell to. It could be vehicle owners in a Facebook group or perhaps people you already talk to who are into writing. Maybe it's a group at university who need stickers to help their note taking during lectures. Aesthetically pleasing stickers can make research and paperwork that much more bearable! Find hashtags on Instagram which might help and that you can use to eventually market your products.

Create Your Shop

Next u is where you will sell your stickers. When you start a sticker business you need to have an outlet from which people can buy your products. Whilst most will consider their own website sufficient, it might not be in the short term. To really get your products off the ground you should look at joining a marketplace like eBay or Etsy. That way, you know there are users going to the platform where your products can then be found. Simply starting a new website isn't enough as no one will know about you. Don't not set up your own site though, as many people will find your products on these marketplace sites and then search for your site to buy direct. of course, with Etsy and other platforms you will be charged fees, and you can find out all about those Etsy fees here.

Brand Your Business

Branding your business is so important. It's as import as the stickers you'll be producing. People might buy from a company with terrible branding and good products but they're more likely to buy from a company with amazing branding and good products. Your branding needs to capture the attention of your audience, give them something to buy into. It might even make them laugh or just be completely top notch in terms of design. The name of your business, colours, logo, tagline and design all add up to banding of your company. make sure it's good!

Make Your Stickers

Next up is the actual making of your products. You can't start a sticker business without any stickers. Now you've figured out what you're going to be offering and where you're going to be offering it, you need to create the products. Bringing the ideas from your head and designs from your computer screen or drawing pad to life as physical products is awesome. You can't beat it. This is the moment you've waited for and the products you have dreamt up are there ready to sell. There's just a couple more steps to work through before you're where you want to be!

Figure Out Your Selling Price & Shipping Costs

The creation of your business thus far will have cost a little bit of money and making your products will be a small investment. Whilst some businesses take a lot of start up capital, when you start a sticker business you likely don't need a lot of start up cash. Remember, people aren't going to part with loads of cash for stickers as there are competitors out there selling them for a few pounds.

You need to make sure your price point gives you a profit, after you take into consideration the fees you might be hit with from Etsy or PayPal transactions as well as the cost of the materials. Don't forget your shipping costs too! You might not making as much as you want to begin with but once things advance and you are perhaps able to buy more material in bulk and make longer runs of stickers for less cost per item, your profits will increase. Give it time. 

Market Your Products

Now you need to market your products. Take photographs of them for your website, post them on social media, use hashtags to get them in front of the right people who might purchase. You could even take some of your stickers and stick them around the city. Be aware that some places won't like you doing this but what better way to market a sticker business than seeing the stuck somewhere. Run competitions to get people interested and maybe create offers to encourage people to buy from your new venture.

Maybe a 10% discount if they join your mailing list so you can contact them about new products. If you're selling on Etsy or eBay, be sure you're using the right words that people will be searching for in order for your products to be found. You might even consider doing a local craft stall, perfect in the run up to Christmas! 

Expand Your Designs

Once this is all in place and your products are online, available and selling, consider expanding your range. ‘Smell' what sells and expand your range accordingly. Bringing fresh products to market helps keep customers interested and sales flowing in.

Setting up and running a sticker business is a whole lot of fun. Start small, find your feet, introduce your stickers slowly and work out what your customers want. Find different places to sell on to make more of the reach of your website, including Etsy and eBay. Get your branding and designs on point and they'll sell themselves! You'll be a sticker hero in no time at all! Get stuck in and start a sticker business today!

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