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How To Separate Lego Pieces

Wondering how to separate Lego pieces? – There's a whole host of ways to do it depending on the pieces you have and the tools you have available.

However, after years buying and selling Lego online I've found some techniques that will help you to achieve just that – regardless of how long the bricks have been stuck together, or the shape and size of the Lego part(s).

Use Your Hands

The first place to start when trying to detach Lego pieces is with your hands.

This is fine if you're only separating a couple of Lego bricks, however, if you're doing this on a large scale, I'd skip to step two – otherwise, you're hands are going to hurt, ALOT!

Try twisting one of the bricks clockwise, and the other anti-clockwise to disconnect the interlocking joints.

Using A Lego Brick Separator

Without a doubt, the most stress-free way to separate two Lego pieces is using a Lego brick separator.

These are included in most large Lego sets or can be purchased separately from your local Lego store or online.

If your kids are the ones playing and separating the Lego bricks encourage them to use this separator over their hands, and their teeth.

How To Use The Lego Brick Separator

To use the Lego brick separator start by holding one of the two attached bricks down on a surface. Using the other hand use the brick separator and attach it to the other brick.

From there press down on the handle of the Lego brick separator with force and you'll separate the two pieces.

There are some situations where you might find the Lego brick separator a little harder to use, here's how to overcome some of these problems;

If Both Bricks Are Fully Connected At All Joints

If your bricks are 100% interlocked it can be harder to use the brick separator to separate them alone.

However, two brick separators you can create a plyers motion which detaches the bricks easily. Simply attach one of the brick separators to the top, and the other to the bottom.

Then simultaneously move the brick separators. As a result, your bricks will become separated.

How To Remove Lego Tiles With A Brick Separator

The Lego brick separator features a ledge which can easily be used to remove tiles from bricks.

To achieve this simply use the back of the brick separator to wedge the ledge into the tile area, and push. This will pry the tile away from the brick.

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