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Answered: Is Tesco Clubcard Plus Worth It?

Tesco has recently launched a new rewards programme called; Tesco Clubcard Plus stating that subscribers to the programme could save up to £384 a year.

As we all know, it’s that phrase ‘up to’ that catches you out, so I decided to take an in-depth look into the new programme which costs £7.99 a month and find out if it’s worth it.

How Much Does Tesco Clubcard Plus Cost?

While the regular Tesco Clubcard programme is free, signing up to the Tesco Clubcard Plus scheme costs £7.99 per month.

You make the payment on a rolling monthly basis, allowing you to cancel any time and requiring no long term commitment.

However, the total cost of Tesco Clubcard Plus membership at £7.99 a month is a whopping £95.88 a year.

The Benefits Of Clubcard Plus

The major benefit to Clubcard Plus is a discount of 10% on a ‘big shop’ twice monthly.

However, this comes with some exclusions aside from the ability to only be used twice a month;

  • The maximum spend is £200, meaning the maximum discount from the shop is £20. Applied twice monthly, that’s a saving of £40 provided you spend £200 twice every month.

  • The discount can not be applied to concession items such as; petrol, lottery, gift cards, cigarettes, stamps, magazines and prescriptions.

Other benefits to the Tesco Clubcard Plus programme include;

  • Double data for Tesco Mobile customers

  • 10% off Tesco brands on every shop (not just ‘the big shops’). Tesco brands include; F&F clothing, Fred and Flo baby products, Fox and Ivy homeware, Tesco Pet and Go Cook.

  • From 2020 Tesco is also set to offer fee-free overseas spending for Tesco banking customers who are also members of the Tesco Clubcard Plus programme.

Is The Tesco Clubcard Plus Programme Worth It?

Personally, I don’t think so.

Tesco is targeting your brand loyalty with this programme. There are other supermarkets who want your loyalty too.

To simply make back the minimum cost of the membership you’ll need to spend £79.90 in one ‘big shop’ every month or a minimum of £39.95 twice in one month.

That’s just to break even.

The other benefits are simply, throwaways that if you shop around you can achieve already.

For example; The fee-free overseas spending is already offered by a number of major banks and challenger banks.

The only way I can see the Tesco Clubcard Plus programme being of benefit is if you only shopped at Tesco, and happened to possibly also have a Tesco bank account and a Tesco mobile contract.

Otherwise, I don’t believe that the benefits of saving a maximum of £40 after spending £7.99 is worthwhile.

How To Apply For A Tesco Clubcard Plus Account

The Clubcard Plus account is simply an add-on to your pre-existing Clubcard account.

Therefore doesn’t require you to have a new card and can easily be applied for online or via the Tesco Clubcard mobile application.

Cancelling Your Tesco Clubcard Plus Membership

There isn’t a set contract with the Tesco Clubcard Plus membership, instead, it’s a 30-day rolling commitment allowing you to cancel at any time you like online or on the Tesco Clubcard mobile application.

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