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How To Get More Views On eBay To Increase Sales

Wondering how to get more views on eBay?

It's the fourth quarter. A time in which most eBay sellers expect their sales to rocket. Yet personally, we've seen slow and stagnant sales.

This has sent alarm bells ringing, so I did what most of us would do. I took the quick and hassle-free route and put on a 10% sale over Black Friday weekend.

The sale has been on for three days now and we've seen zero increase in sales…

Clearly, this means that the problem is more than just pricing.

So, I decided to work on my listings while writing this post to explain how to get more views on eBay.

Using Your Own Initiative

When looking at how to get more views on eBay start by using your own initiative.

Sure there are some great tools on eBay and provided by third-party services to help you understand the likelihood of a sale (and how to increase the likelihood of a sale).

However, sometimes a quick look down your listings will provide you with enough to go on.

The way I start this process is by going to the active listings selling page on eBay. Scrolling all the way to the bottom and changing items per page to the maximum amount (200)

Then scroll back to the top and click on watches (you used to be able to click on views but when the new eBay tools were released they stopped that

This will sort your listings by the number of watches. It tends to be that the less watches the fewer views so this goes some way to helping you.

Once you've sorted your listings you're going to want to go down the list and implement one (or more) of these ideas below depending on the listings circumstances.

How To Get More Views On eBay

Sometimes you'll find that despite being on eBay for months and months the listing has very little views.

The term ‘very little' is likely to vary from person to person (depending on the stuff you sell etc…)

The perfect example of this is the listing for us personally is at the top here, it's a Disney hat from Disneyland Paris.

Despite being listed for months and months, it's still only had 37 views.

Check The Spelling

One of the first things you're going to want to do when looking at how to get more views on eBay is check the spelling of the title of the listing.

One reason your eBay listing might not be showing up in search results is due to a spelling error.

If you're terrible at spelling (like me!) then consider installing a free Google Chrome plugin such as Grammarly to help you.

Ensure You've Included Keywords In The Title

I have been guilty of this on more than one occasion. For example, I've listed DVD yet you'll find no mention of the term DVD in the title.

Learn from my mistakes and ensure that you have the essential keywords of the item within the title.

Even put them in capitals if you think it might help. A great way to ensure you're maximising the keywords of your eBay listing is to use every single character you're given when inputting the title.

Check The Catagory

Again, something I'm guilty of is not checking the product category when listing.

This is because when listing items on eBay I tend to search for the product and then click ‘sell similar' or just ignore the field altogether when listing.

eBay picks the most relevant one for you when listing your product, although it's not always correct.

Create Bundles

I've spoken about this at length in another article where we look at ways to increase your average listing price. Be sure to check it out.

Send To Auction

It's more of a last resort but if you really want a sale consider sending the item to auction. Check out our post on ‘What to do with the stuff on eBay that just doesn't sell‘ for more information.

However, if you don't have the above (the right keywords in the title & the correct spelling) then the auction could be a real disappointment! Be sure to fix these things first and maybe give it a week or two to take effect.

If Your Item Is Being Viewed On eBay… But Nobody Is Buying It

Once you know how to get more views on eBay, it's essential that you convert those views into purchases.

After all, it's pointless achieving views if still, nobody is buying your product.

You may have in the past noticed an item with 10+ watchers, or 100+ views and wondered “Why is my item still not selling”

Here are the methods we practice to convert those views into sales.

Take New Photos

I'm being hypocritical here.

Despite talking a lot about the importance of good photos when listing items on eBay… pictures speak louder than words (and all that jazz!) so consider taking new (or more) photos of your listing.

Add More Details To Your Description

Lets put ourselves in the shoes of our eBay buyer for a moment…

They come onto your eBay listing and they like the price, it's good value. Maybe they even like the photos, or at the very least they are okay.

However, when it comes to the description it's vague. They aren't quite sure whether the item has been used, what the dimensions are etc. etc. (the specifics of this will depending on the item type)

Then let's assume there's another eBay seller. They are selling the exact same item as you, the photos and title are pretty much the same however there are two key differences.

The item is priced at 10% higher (it's the second cheapest after yours maybe)

The description provides much more information. Lots more detail.

This description gives eBay buyers confidence. An in most cases, they'll buy that eBay listing over yours. The slight increase in price is worth it because of the confidence they have in the item compared to yours.

One way to ensure that you're maximising your eBay listing's description is by following the steps of the buyer and having a look at the description of other listings for the same item as the one you are trying to sell.

Using eBay Tools

Finally, when looking at how to get more views on eBay and increase eBay sales you can look to use some of the integrated tools available on the eBay platform.

I believe these are only available if you have an eBay store. I'm hoping a reader can confirm.

Inside the seller hub you'll find the performance tab. This area is currently in BETA testing.

Despite this, I believe it's available to anyone and everyone with a store using the eBay platform.

Under-Performing Listings

Here you'll find a wealth of information starting with your underperforming listings.

The tool provides us with is information on how our listing is comparing to others within the same category.

I highlight ‘the same category' as you might find two things; You've actually listed your item in the wrong category. In this case, the calculations are off and you're best just changing the category within the listing.

Despite your product being in the correct category, it's actually one of the more obscure items. Perhaps not viewed or searched for?

Again, these aren't definitives. However, they are certainly worth bearing in mind when looking at these stats.

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