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How to make luxury hampers for Christmas on a budget

What do you give to people at Christmas time? Maybe you have a search go-to brand that you always buy for certain individuals in your life. Perhaps you find it difficult to buy for loved ones as they usually buy the things they want throughout the year. Lots of people say they don't want things too, because they don't want the clutter of more ‘stuff' in their home. A great way to give a festive gift without the worry of space is by putting together a Christmas hamper. Full of delicious food items and drinks that they can use during the festive holidays. Let's have a look at how to make luxury hampers for Christmas on a budget. 

luxury hampers for christmas

Reuse a cardboard box or check out charity shops

One of the biggest expenses, when you are putting hampers together, can be the containers you actually put all your things in. Wicker baskets can cost a small fortune if you buy them brand new, so a great idea is to check out charity shops. They often have baskets that can be used for hampers and they'll only set you back a pound or so. Another great idea is to make use of cardboard boxes. Online shopping ramps up during the festive season and you might have a number of cardboard boxes ready to flat pack and go in the recycling. Make use of these and turn them into Christmas hampers simply by covering them in wrapping paper. Budget-friendly, easy to carry, easy to get rid of afterwards and really simple to pack full of great stuff. 

luxury hampers for christmas

Buy things on offer

When looking at putting together luxury hampers for Christmas, you need to shop the sales. In the run-up to Christmas, lots of shops and supermarkets have discounts on certain items. If these can be bought in advance and put away with no risk of them going off, you can get luxury items for an absolute bargain. Think of bottles of soft drinks, bottles of wine and bottles of beer. Bags of crisps, crackers, truckles of cheese that won't go off. Boxes of luxury mince pies that have been discounted because the shop bought too many. Check dates on things to ensure they will make it to Christmas Day and beyond.

You can also check out cashback apps which will give you a discount on specific items. Maybe go for a different brand that is on offer rather than a well-known one. It might give the recipient the chance of trying something new this Christmas season. When you buy things on offer you're keeping a bit of extra cash in your pocket whilst making it look like you've spent more than you actually have. The perfect combination. 

luxury hampers for christmas

Stay small

Your luxury hampers for Christmas don't have to be huge. It doesn't need to look like a raffle prize! By having smaller containers for your hampers, you can pick and choose those luxury goods that people will enjoy using, eating and drinking. It will take less money to fill, less wrapping paper to cover and take u less space in your home whilst you are putting things together. If you know that you have six hampers to make, for example, you can make carbon copies of them for your loved ones. This means you might be able to buy in bulk to keep things even cheaper and take advantage of those offers you see in the shop. Little gestures are just are good as big ones and allow you to wish people festive greetings without spending too much cash. 

luxury hampers for christmas

Start early and shop around

Another great way of keeping hold of your cash is by shopping around. By starting early you give yourself plenty of time to buy things ahead of schedule. When you see things at a bargain price at a certain supermarket, grab them. Use online price comparison sites to check the price you are paying. Whilst some prices might seem good in the shop, a Clubcard price is often just the same price that you can find the item elsewhere. You'll also be able to pull together a range of different items which make your luxury hampers for Christmas look even more special because it looks like you've hand-selected products from different places. 

cheese and biscuits

Go down the handmade route

Are you an excellent biscuit maker? Perhaps your Christmas cakes are to die for? By going down the handmade and homemade route with your luxury hampers for Christmas, you can make items in bulk and divide them up for different loved ones. A batch of Christmas cookies and some hot chocolate mix is a great treat for a family. Perhaps you brew your own beer or infuse your own Gin. These are wonderful Christmas gifts for friends and family. Wrap baked goods in rustic paper or pile them into a box, add a festive tag and you have a perfectly lovely handmade Christmas gift. Think about what you are great at making or perhaps just give something a go this year and see what happens. You might find something you are really good at. 

festive treats

You might search online for companies who put together luxury hampers for Christmas and think this is the price you're going to need to pay. By putting these hampers together yourself, you'll save a lot of money compared to the price you've found and have a lot of fun too. You can tailor hampers for specific people, showing that you have put thought and effort into the gift. Or if you have a number of hampers to gift this year, make them all the same and it's much easier to keep control of the cost.

Luxury hampers for Christmas on a budget are possible, but you need to ensure that you keep an eye on the price you are paying. It can quickly mount up and surprise you. However, if you look for great deals on lovely-looking products and opt for a bit of handmade goodness, you'll create amazing presents to give out this Christmas. 

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