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How To Get A Spotify Discount

We all love streaming music. Whether it's soundtracks from our favourite movies, the albums we listened to as teenagers or something from the current top 40 charts, streaming some songs is a great way to relax. From rock and metal to pop and country, every genre of music can be great! Whilst we love music streaming sites, they can actually be fairly expensive when you pay for the month on month. With that in mind, how can we continue to enjoy our music streaming without pay so much money for it? Is there a way to get a Spotify discount? Let's have a look!


30 Day Free Trial

Firstly, if you've never has Spotify before, you get a 30 day free trial. This is a great way to enjoy ad free streaming music with access to Spotify Premium for thirty whole days. If you time this right, you can maximise the amount of streaming you have. Maybe you have a couple of birthday parties to host, having some awesome playlists playing would be ideal. Just be sure to cancel the trial before the end of the thirty days. The free trial is a great way to get a Spotify discount for a month. This means you won't be charged at the end of it for another month. 

3 Months For Free

There are some special promotions available where, instead of just one month free, you'll actually get three full months for free. These are usually for new customers or those who haven't had Spotify Premium before or for a while. You will often get a Spotify discount sent you to occasionally if you have downgraded your account from Spotify Premium. If you get offered three months for free it's a great way to enjoy free streamed music for an entire season. Again, be sure to swap your account back to the free subscription before the end of your 3 months, otherwise you can end up getting charged for that next month.

Spotify For Students

Did you know that if you are a student you can get a massive Spotify discount? There are lots of great student discounts that you can take advantage of. Some to help with your studies, others to keep you fed and entertained. The Spotify discount for students give you a massive 50% of the monthly price of Spotify Premium. Rather than £9.99 a month you'll only pay £4.99 a month. For just £1.25 a week you'll be able to stream whatever music you want. During your morning shower, on your walk to lectures, as you try and study. Perhaps a stress relief or deep focus playlist will help you concentrate on your dissertation? Music is such a huge part of university life and you can stream the soundtrack to yours. Maybe even your gap year. All with a huge 50% Spotify discount!

Spotify Duo

Do you have a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife or partner that you live with? Maybe it's a room mate or even a parent who loves their music. Rather than paying £9.99 each, did you know that you can get a Spotify discount on two accounts under the same roof? You'll only pay £12.99 per month, working out at under £6.50 per account per month. That's a great discount! Instead of having to take turns, you can listen to the music that both of you want to. Maybe there are times you want to listen to the same things. Non stop music and unlimited skips for two people, with a great Spotify discount for two.

spotify phone

Spotify Family

For just an extra two pounds on top of the price of the Spotify Duo subscription, you can get Spotify Family. For £14.99 a month you can get access to six accounts for people living under the same roof. That means family members can each have an account but you can pay just the usual cost of 1.5 subscriptions per month! That's a huge £45 a month saving. if there are six music loving people in your house, a family Spotify discount is a great thing! It works out at just £2.50 per account, per month. An absolute bargain!

Spotify When Buying Products

Sometimes there are promotions to get free Spotify when you buy certain products. It's a great way to hook you into buying a product. It can be with anything but is often fund as a promotion on electrical products. Sometimes if you buy a new TV or laptop computer you'll get Spotify included for three or six months. I've had experience of this as Currys PC World ran a promotion for a while. There are specific products included in the promotion but some of them were only £2.99. That meant for under three quid you could get access to Spotify Premium for six months. That's 50p a month! Keep an eye out for products that give you a Spotify discount when you buy them.

Spotify For Free With Ads

Of course, if you don't want to pay for Spotify, you can use the free version. This means you'll have limited skips and won't be able to play certain tracks. You'll also have to deal with ads every few songs which is how they pay for the licencing when you're not paying for a subscription. This is perfect if you don't use the streaming service that often. Also, if you have money issues or know you won't be streaming for a while because of a summer job, for example. Downgrading your account doesn't mean you're stuck on the free version forever. You can revert back to Spotify premium whenever you like and pay for it. 

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to find a Spotify discount. From Spotify Family and Duo to taking full advantage of offers sent to you, you can stream without having to pay full price. Do you have a music streaming service? How much do you pay for it? Could one of the Spotify discount subscriptions we've mentioned work out cheaper for your household? Stream summer hits all year long and Christmas classics whenever you like! Pop your headphones on and have fun, without paying quite as much for the music.

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