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How to get a Booker card

Have you ever wondered how to get a Booker card? A Booker card would get you access to wholesale goods at great prices. You'd be able to perhaps start a business reselling, or get affordable items to help with your catering business. Wholesale goods can help you keep your prices competitive. If all of this sounds good, how do you get a Booker card? Let's have a look.

How to get a Booker card

What Is Booker?

Booker is one of, if not the leading wholesaler in the United Kingdom. They have 195 branches dotted around the country an are open seven days a week. Booker say that they are committed to offering the very best in choice, price and service. They also offer delivery, or you can simply collect. Booker supply catering companies as well as retailers with wholesale goods. If you are looking for wholesale goods at great prices, Booker is perhaps the one stop shop to go to. Of course, you'll need to know how to get a Booker card before you start buying things.

What Can You Buy At Booker?

What exactly an you access, product wise, when you get your hands on a Booker card? As Booker are a huge wholesaler of food and drink in the United Kingdom, you can expect to see loads of great prices for items in this category. From chilled produce to soft drinks and snacks, there are loads of items you recognise and others you may not have seen before. You'll also find frozen foods, fresh fruit and vegetables, dry goods and beers, wines and spirits. Booker also have cleaning and non food items available at their 195 outlets. 

Weekly Promotions

There are loads of weekly promotions available with Booker. When you become a member of Booker, you have the option to sign up for regular newsletters which will keep you in the loop of these offers. You can also opt to get text messages. These options can be altered in your online accounts. Taking a quick look at the current offers at time or writing, there are half priced king prawns available, perfect for your catering business. There is 40% off crisps, 40% off boxes of cereal and 65% off Buxton Water. Keeping an eye on weekly promotions will allow you to tailor what you are offering through your own business or even change your menu every seven days or fortnight. How does a weekly special sound? It could be king prawn salad this week – affordable prawns allowing you to keep your prices attractive to customers and profits looking good.

Spend and Save

Booker also run a Spend and Save scheme. The more you spend, the more you will save. The percentage that you will save depends on how much you have spent over the last four weeks. You can get as much as a 5% discount on your purchases via Spend and Save. You can also download this to your Android device or iPhone so you can use it on the go. 

Find Your Local Branch

Whilst you can enjoy delivery on your Booker purchases, you can also visit Booker stores, all 195 of them in the United Kingdom. If you want to find out where your local Booker store is, use the store locator on the website. Typing in Birmingham as your location brings up five stores within 12 miles of the city. It's worth taking a look at where your nearest one is so you can easily visit, should you need stock fast.

How to get a Booker card

How to get a Booker card

So, now we know what is available to buy, have looked at some promotions and discovered exactly what Booker is, how to get a Booker card is our next question to answer. In order to qualify for a Booker card you need to fall into one of the following areas. Be in business, be self employed or a registered charity. You can also be an OFSTED registered school or a child minder or organisation with a business bank account. There are many ways to get access to Booker, you just have to find the one that applies to your situation. It is free to join however you must be 18 years of age or older.

Registering to the site means you need to identify your local store, accept different terms and conditions and input your details including email address. Once accepted you'll have a customer number you'll be able to use to access the website so you can place orders. You'll also be able to shop in store. Job done!

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Now you know how to get a Booker card and what the wholesale company is all about. Whatever business you run, whatever you need to buy with great prices, Booker could be the place for you to join. Enjoy your wholesale shopping!

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