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Get Paid To Recycle

How do you fancy getting paid to recycle? Maybe you do some great recycling anyway but don't currently earn anything from it. We all need to pull our weight and do our bit to help the environment. Did you know that you can get paid some decent cash for your recycling? It's easier than you might think too. In this blog post we're going to explore a few different areas where you can earn money from recycling. What are you waiting for? Let's get paid to recycle!

Recycle Clothes

Have you got drawers and wardrobes full of clothes you no longer wear? Maybe you've lost weight and have bundles of clothes you need to get rid of. Recycling clothes has never been easier and you can earn some cash towards your new outfits too. Did you know that H&M offer you a £5 voucher off a £25 spend if you take in a carrier bag full of old clothes. The voucher scheme is great as the clothes don't have to be wearable and yo can include any old fabric. It doesn't even have to have been originally purchased at H&M. This is ideal if you're going to buy some new items from the shop as you'll reduce the price you pay.

You could even take in a carrier bag a couple of times to get more vouchers and then split your transaction into £25 amounts to get the maximum discount on your purchases. Marks & Spencer also run a scheme like this where you take in your old clothes, they donate them to Oxfam and give you a £5 voucher for M&S. If the clothes don't really have much mileage left in them you can bundle them and get money per kilogram by taking them to a cash for clothes style shop. It won't make you rich but you'll get a couple of quid. 

Mobile Phones

Did you know that you could have pounds worth of items just sat in your bedside table drawer? Old mobile phones have plenty of worth to them and this is another way you can get paid to recycle. You might get a little bit more selling on eBay however you also have to then deal with potentially awkward customers and standard 10% eBay fees. They're much easier to get rid of on mobile reselling sites. The company will give you a fixed price for your item, depending on what you're selling. It could be well over £400 for a newish iPhone. Some sites even have the idea to avoid as much electronic waste by using them in the developing world. So many of us upgrade our phones when our current phone is still completely fine. Recycling our items in this way can earn us some cash. 

Beauty Products

We've discussed the idea of recycling beauty products for cash previously by mentioning the Boots Recycling Scheme. There are other ways to get paid for recycling health and beauty products too. The cruelty free cosmetic company Lush will give you a free face mask, worth £7.50, if you return five of their tubs for recycling. MAC will also send you a free lipstick worth over £15 if you return six used MAC containers to their counter or via post. People also sell old perfume bottles online and can get up to £10 for it! Better than dropping into your glass recycling!

Ink Cartridges

How many ink cartridges do you go through every year? Think about it. That number might have vastly increased if you've started working from home. Used ink cartridges can be a great way to get paid to recycle. You could earn on average £1.50 per cartridge, but some are worth double that! Considering the price of ink cartridges and the speed that some of us run through them, this can be a nice little way of bringing the price down. You can check the worth of your ink cartridges over on The Recycling Factory website and then post them in for free. You can get cold hard cash or even turn that into Tesco Clubcard points. Much better than throwing into landfill!

Scrap Metal

There are places to take scrap metal to where they'll transfer your payment into your bank account. New rules mean they can't pay in cash anymore. These recycling places might take other items too, I got over £20 for a dead car battery that I had to replace. You can even get paid for scrapping your old car if it's beyond repair. As well as this, how many cans of soft drink do you drink in a year? Aluminium cans have worth! You could get 50p per kilogram which you can put towards your next soft drink fix! Look online for local points which will pay you to recycle or contact your local authority to see if they have one. 

Clean A Beach

This one is a little bit out the box but well worth taking part in. If you live near the coast or are on holiday, take part in a beach clean. These are often set up by local charities or organisations and you might get a discount on something or a little freebie by taking part. Some pubs on the coast will give you a free drink if you fill a bucket with rubbish from the nearby beaches. The sea washes in so much rubbish onto our beaches every high tide so it's an ongoing battle to be part of. No one likes sitting on a littered beach. You'll be doing good and getting rewarded! Sounds good to us! 

So, how are you going to get paid to recycle? Will it be returning your used health and beauty product packaging? Perhaps the idea about ink cartridges has opened your eyes because you throw so may out every year? It could even be the beach cleaning schemes to give back to your local community and help the environment. From clothes to mobile phones to drinks cans, you can get paid to recycle and it's much simpler than you think. 

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