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Free Sinking Funds Spreadsheet Template

Looking for a sinking funds spreadsheet template? – Then here's your answer.

Are you looking to get started with sinking funds, but not quite ready to get started with a budgeting application with built-in skinking funds abilities such as YNAB?

Then this completely free sinking funds spreadsheet template can help.

To get started with the sheet you're going to want to create a copy and save it to your own Google Drive (free)

From there you'll be able to customise the sheet changing the sinking fund names (check out the sinking funds I believe everyone should have!)

You'll also be able to edit the start date, target end date and end balance.

This will update the fields; the number of months to save and amount to save per month automatically.

As we have readers from around the world on this site I've not added a currency, and instead just left the number.

By all means, if it bothers you and you're fluent in excel you can add your selected currency to your own sheet and edit so the decimal point only shows two places etc.

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