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Free Sinking Funds Envelopes Download

Use our free sinking funds envelopes to store your money and track your sinking fund balance.

To get started simply click the download link below.

From there you'll be able to print off as many copies of this sinking fund envelope as you like – check out this post for inspiration on different sinking funds you should have in your budget.

Use the line at the top to write what this envelope is going to be for i.e. glasses, or a vacation.

Then set a target sinking funds balance based on your research or previous purchases.

Then divide the total by ten.

While sinking funds are supposed to be broken down into monthly chunks (starting date minus the date in which you need the money) this is different for everyone.

Making it impossible to create a universal envelope for everyone.

Therefore, instead, we're using a wheel with ten splits in which you can colour in.

Then write the amount in the ‘block amount' section

Then put together your envelope using glue.

Now you're ready to add money to your envelope. Every time you add a block amount you can colour in a section of the wheel.

For example, if you're target balance is £100, then £100 divided by 10 is £10.

Your block amount is £10 so when we add £10 to our sinking funds we can colour in a block.

Continuing to do so every time we add £10 to the envelope until the wheel is full

When the wheel is full, you'll have your total target balance.

Download the free sinking funds envelope

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