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Answered: How Much Is 100 Nectar Points Worth

Found yourself asking “How much is 100 Nectar Points worth?”

I actually typed this into Google myself not long ago and struggled to find the answer.

It's a little bit of a minefield, but it's important to find out exactly how much Nectar points are worth to understand when offers (such as 50 bonus Nectar points if you buy… or spent…) might be worthwhile.

100 Nectar points are worth £0.50 if spent at Sainsbury's. They can be worth more if you're willing to exchange them for use elsewhere – further details below.

With so many variables, let's look at the principles of how much it costs to get 100 Nectar points and how much 100 Nectar points are worth to ensure you're getting the maximum ROI.

How Much Do You Need To Spend To Get 100 Nectar Points?

Nectar points are achieved through various different forms.

However, the most common is by swiping your Nectar card when making standard purchases in stores that accept the card.

The most prolific store to accept the Nectar card is Sainsbury's.

Although I probably now receive more Nectar points from the partnership the programme has with eBay than with Sainsbury's (I find myself shopping for my groceries at Aldi which is significantly cheaper)

That's provided you don’t take part in any bonus schemes in order to claim your Nectar points.

You might get vouchers for bonus points when you spend a certain amount or buy a certain item.

This means in order to get 100 Nectar points you'll need to spend £100 with participating retailers.

That’s because, for every £1 you spend, you get 1 Nectar Point. 

Remember, this will be on qualifying purchases only. Tobacco, lottery, newspapers etc… are not eligible for Nectar point rewards.

Alongside making eligible purchases at eligible stores, you can also receive Nectar points by;

  • Taking surveys online
  • Shopping through the Nectar website
  • Linking your Nectar card with other programme participants and making an eligible purchase from them (much like the eBay partnership I spoke about earlier)

100 Nectar Points Equals

100 Nectar points are worth 50p if spent at Sainsbury’s.

Which means for example that 1,000 Nectar points equate to £5.00 to spend in Sainsbury's.

However, you can also spend Nectar points at a whole number of different retailers including;

  • Thorpe Park
  • Argos
  • eBay
  • Go Ape
  • Playstation magazine
  • Eurostar
  • Virgin Trains

Some selected partners of the Nectar programme offer you more money for your Nectar points than the standard £0.50 you'd get for 100 Nectar points at Sainsbury's.

For example, with 500 points you can get £3.75 off at Pizza Express which equates to the 100 points being worth £0.75 instead of £0.50 (an increase of 50%)

However, to get these offers you’ll need to exchange your points for vouchers online, in advance.

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