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7 Top Tech Startup Ideas

tech startup ideas

Did you know that over 1000 start ups are founded every day here in the United Kingdom? Who knows what the figure would be if you looked at it in terms of worldwide! With more of us than perhaps ever before wanting to be in charge of our destiny, the lure of starting your own company can be huge. Where do you begin? How do you juggle everything? What about those long hours?! Some people are content to sit in the same job working for someone else and taking a regular pay cheque. Others want more. They want to start something. Spark an idea which they'll run with on a business journey. If you are thinking of starting a venture something in the world of technology is going to be a great avenue to head down. Let's have a look at 7 top tech startup ideas.

Web Design

The internet is a huge place and every company wants to have it's own little corner of it to direct people to. Businesses of all shapes and sizes require online presence and you could use your expertise to offer affordable and appealing websites to companies who don't have the skills to create them. You could offer a simple web design service and then hand the site over for the company to look after, or you could have companies pay you a retainer to look after the sites for them, guaranteeing you revenue month after month. You'll have customers asking you for different things from their sites, from eCommerce to the ability to upload video content. You could even incorporate a graphic design service to this to brand businesses and extend that into the websites you're offering. The world of websites can offer fantastic tech startup ideas.

tech startup ideas

In The World Of Automation

The hustle and bustle of everyday life is real. There simply aren't enough hours in the day. How about creating a service in the area of automation? Something that helps people automatically. This frees up time for people to use on other areas of life. A service which people can input their desires once and then it is automatically duplicated day after day or week after week. Automation reduces human intervention in processes and if you can make something that predetermines for people, you could be onto a gamechanger. It could be something in the household, personal automation or even the area of healthcare.

Financial Tech

Next on our list of tech startup ideas we're going to look at money. In a world where prices are soaring and the cost of living is going up, can you create something that will assist people with their finances? It could be a way to save money when they spend or keep an eye on their finances more often. Without the person having to log in and look. If you see a gap in the market when you are applying for a mortgage, transferring savings or buying a coffee at the café, run with that idea. FinTech is a huge area and you could focus on both or either business or personal finance. Any improvements to traditional forms of finance, that can really help people out, will be well received. 


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Embrace The AI

Could you create something in the realms of Artificial Intelligence that will provide solutions to big companies? Maybe something to users of certain platforms or with specific hobbies that can improve their output? AI is already used throughout business operations and is being more common in our everyday lives. If you can create a product or service that helps people via AI, you might be onto a winner. Perhaps you can become a service that helps other companies implement AI into their structure. Learning, problem solving and planning is a huge part of business. With help from Artificial Intelligence, it can be even better. 


With technology, comes risk. There has to be cyber security to keep data safe and websites secure. Could you delve into the world of security and help businesses operate safer online? With more of us relying on the internet than ever before, from a front end user point of view, our bank details can be at risk. This puts us in a position of uncertainty. For businesses, they can be held to ransom with their services being taken over. Cyber attacks are not nice and we need to be aware of them. With top security, you can help people stay safe online.


Mobile Application Development

Next on our list of tech startup ideas is mobile application development. We all have devices in our pockets or the palms of our hands. Can you step into the world of app development and help people bring their ideas to smartphones and other devices all over the world? Maybe you have your own ideas that you can turn into apps? To enable the world to be a better place? Could it be something to do with being green in the household or keeping an eye on air quality in the workplace? Maybe it's a new way to earn money, an alternative way to shop online or a simple educational game you can play with your kids. The options are limitless!

Assist The WFH Movement

Finally, with so many of us now using flexible working hours and taking advantage of the work from home movement, there can be great solutions to problems in this field. It could be connecting colleagues who are working from their on living rooms. It could be something to allow work to flow better from home to the workplace. Maybe an alternative way to keep in touch with your boss or some platform where people can work on a single products together, from any corner of the world. When you work from home you've got rid of the commute to the office however you're met with a whole bunch of other distractions instead. Create something that will allow WFH staff to focus and concentrate so they can smash those work goals. 

tech startup ideas

With these top tech startup ideas you could really begin the journey as a company owner. Breaking down walls and creating services and products that truly help people out. Which of the 7 ideas we've shared catch your attention? Perhaps they have sparked another idea that you can develop and turn into something incredible? The world really is your oyster and with the massive steps forward in technology, you can move with the times and start a business that really can be successful. If you see a world where change can happen, why not be the driving force to make that change? Wishing you the best of luck with your tech startup ideas.

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