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Where To Find Slimming World Vouchers

Are you considering joining Slimming World but looking to reduce the cost with money off vouchers?

In this post, I'll be guiding you through the best places to find money off vouchers for Slimming World.

While the promotions change often, you should always be able to find money off voucher in one of these locations at any time of the year.

Slimming World Website

There are a number of opportunities to get discounted Slimming World membership whether you’re looking to complete Slimming World at a group or online.

Regardless of how you plan to complete Slimming World, you’ll find these discounts online on the Slimming World website.

Countdown Courses

Slimming World countdown courses can be started at any point in the year and save you up to £19.90 if you’re able to commit to the Slimming World programme for either six or twelve weeks.

The courses are non-refundable and non-extendable, so are unsuitable for those going on holidays or who work shifts and therefore might have to miss a group.

Age-Related Discounts

You’ll save money at Slimming World if you’re either 16 or 17 – in which case you’ll pay just £3.95 a week instead of the standard £4.95 per week.

You’ll also save 30p on a weekly fee if you’re over 60, bringing the cost down to just £4.65 per week

Friends and Family Member Discounts

Get four or more family or friends to join Slimming World with you at the same time and you’ll all get your first week for free.

Target Members

Once you’ve achieved your Slimming World target weight you’re able to attend Slimming World groups for free as long as you remain within 3lbs of your target weight.

What Magazines Have Slimming World Vouchers In

Various magazines offer discounted or free vouchers for Slimming World groups throughout the year.

The exact offer and magazine can vary significantly so I suggest checking online on sites such as Hot UK deals as well as in your local newsagents.

If the magazine has this promotion they are likely to advertise it on the front cover of the magazine.


Newspapers have also been known to have free Slimming World materials as well as discount codes, vouchers etc.

While the prominent time for these promotions is in January, you can occasionally find them inside the Newspapers throughout the year.

Again you’ll find that these newspapers will promote such discounts on the front page of the paper.


While Slimming World can be expensive to join you can certainly reduce the costs with some of these Slimming World vouchers and discount codes.

As always if you know of any ways in which you can saving money at Slimming World let us know in the comments below.

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