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What You Need To Know About French SEO

Do you know why SEO is important? There are quite a few reasons why SEO is important for a business. It makes a business more visible which usually means more traffic and more conversion opportunities. The more traffic and conversions you get, the bigger your business can grow.

There are many reasons why you should consider utilising SEO when it comes to making your businesses visibility. No matter where you are in the world, SEO is something you should be considering. If your business is French, why not utilise the services of a digital company in France to help you? France was ranked third in Europe for the number of internet users so it is clear that many people are heading online in the country.

Here are some things you need to know about SEO in France. SEO in French is Référencement which means reference.

It is important to remember that French people search for phrases in their native language. Whilst English is a very common language across the world, French is commonly used so use French names in your campaign. You should also consider different regions as certain parts of France may call some items or products different things to another area. 

Build Your Links

Link building is a big part of SEO and to get a high ranking on a search engine, you need a fair amount of links back to your website. This is why you should consider a link building campaign as these links can be extremely valuable to your business.

Work Out Which Search Engine Is Most Commonly Used

French is in the top ten of most spoken languages in the world with one of the largest economies too. Search engines are used extremely often in the country which means you want your business to be up there in the top results. If you are running your campaign in France, you should check which search engine is the most used in the country as this is the one you want to focus more of your attention on.

It might be tempting to think Google is the most popular – and in fact, many people do in fact use Google in France. However there may be other avenues to consider too

Enlist The Help Of A Native Speaker

If you are not a native speaker yourself, it is important that you ask for help from a native speaker – whether an individual or a company. This should avoid any translation problems or any language issues. 

Even if you are a native speaker, some help from others who also speak the language could also be valuable to your campaign.

These are just a few things you need to know about SEO in France and running an SEO campaign in France, whether you choose to do this yourself or enlist the services of a company to do it for you. Have you ever considered running a French SEO campaign?

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