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What Does Wagering Mean? – Explained

Whether you're just having a casual punt or are a serious matched bettor, we've all experienced the term wagering, but what does wagering mean?

Wagering often comes into play when we're given a bonus (maybe a new sign up bonus or just a reload bonus) and can vary from 1x up to around 40x depending on the generosity of the bonus and the company.

Where To Find The Wagering Amount

When you sign up to take part in any offer, you'll often find the wagering amount in the small text / terms and conditions of the offer.

If you're unable to find it then I suggest pressing control + f to bring up the search bar and type in ‘wager' or ‘wagering' to try and find the details within the page.

In this case, I signed up for an offer that would give me up to £200 in bonuses. However, it came with a 40x wagering amount.

How To Calculate The Wagering Amount

Once you know what the wagering amount is (in my case 40x) you can work out how much you'll need to wager in order to complete the offer.

In this case, I followed the Profit Accumulator strategy and deposited £200 to get the maximum £200 bonus.

My bonus of £200 is subject to 40x wagering. Therefore 200 x 40 = £8,000 of wagering.

How To Track How Much Wagering You Have Remaining

They'll come a point during an offer like this one where you'll say to yourself “I must have nearly completed the wagering now” – in most cases, you probably haven't but there's a couple of ways you can check.

Track As You Go

Personally, I opt to track as I go using a pen and paper. For example;

I'll set the spin value to say £1.00 per spin, and the auto spin to 100. I'll be sure to turn off the ‘cancel auto spins on bonus' and that way the auto spins will only stop when I either run out of money or the 100 spins have been completed.

Once the 100 spins have completed, I'll write down 100 on my notepad, and repeat the process until I've completed the wagering requirements.

If I decide I want to increase or decrease the betting amount, I'll simply take the wagering amount total in my case £8,000 and deduct the amount I've wagered.

For example, if I'd done 400 spins at £1.00 each then I know I've wagered £400.

£8,000 – £400 means I have £7,600 left to wager.

In this case, I'm going to increase the bet to £2.50 per spin.

£7,600 divided by £2.50 equals 3,040. Which is the number of spins I'll need to complete at the value of £2.50 to complete the wagering?

Find The Bonus Details

Alternativly, if you lose track of your wagering amount you can look for the bonus details.

Where these are situated varies significantly depending on the casino/bingo site/betting site you are using. An they can be an absolute minefield to find (hence why I prefer to track the bonus manually)

Inside the bonus details / promotions page on your account, you should be able to see the wagering amount, alongside the amount you have contributed towards the wagering amount. Therefore allowing you to calculate the wagering amount remaining.

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