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Viewsbank Review – Is This Survey Site Worth Your Time?

In this Viewsbank review, I'll be discussing my experience using the survey site over time so you can decide if it's the right survey site for you.

Viewsbank Survey site is one of the more low profile survey websites, that has a generous payout threshold and payment scheme allowing you to earn money from survey sites quickly and easily.

Below is my full review of the Viewbank survey website, where you can learn about the survey types on offer, payable amounts, estimated durations, and frequency of surveys to see if it's the right site for your survey portfolio.

Sign Up

You can sign up to Viewsbank survey site here. While you can enter all your details individually, I opted to connect to my Facebook account so it quickly pulled in all my data.

When it comes to logging into the Viewsbank website, again I just click the Facebook icon, and I'm logged straight in – no need to remember which email account or password I set.


Once you sign in you'll notice the navigation bar along the top of the site. Assignments will already have a ‘1' next to it, demonstrating that you have one pending assignment that you can complete.

This assignment if your profile assignment that's designed to help Viewsbank understand your personal and household circumstances.

You'll then be served surveys depending on your circumstances (depending on what data the company paying for the research wants from which market segments i.e. single parents, high-income families, families in London)

The assignment duration is set at 3 minutes – based on my completion time I'd say that's about right. An as a result of completing the survey you get awarded £1.00 credit.

Once the assignment has been completed you'll notice a small notification just below the navigation bar.

As you've completed your pending assignment the ‘1' has been removed from next to the assignments on the navigation bar.

Post Sign Up Survey Availability

I don't know about you but when I sign up for a survey site, I want to be doing the surveys and getting the money ASAP!

In this case, straight after my introductory survey, I was offered nothing but two giveaway entries.

However, around half an hour later (I assume when my introductory survey had been processed) I was offered four additional surveys that I could start straight away.

I logged in and found that in total these four surveys would generate £3.75 – not bad. With an estimated duration to complete of 16 minutes.

As I mentioned earlier, there was also the additional competitions I could enter to win additional cash.


There are currently around 4,000 polls dating back three years that you can take part in on the Viewsbank survey website. However, not all of them are going to generate money.

Instead, you want to be looking for the polls that look like they'll trend. That's because Viewsbank will only pay you for answering polls when the poll becomes trending – the payment for which is currently set at 1p.

However, consider setting up a poll of your own (use recent events to try and get a poll to trend) in order to recieve £10 should the poll start trending.

Additional Income

I'd suggest liking and following Viewsbank on social media, particularly Facebook where they are regularly running competitions to add additional funds to your account alongside bonus amounts – for example a 10p payout instead of 1p payout for completing the poll on the day of publication.


There is a threshold of £12 to be achieved before Viewsbank will payout. Any earnings accrued in the month, are totalled on the last day of the month and in the case that you've made more than £12 then you'll be paid on the second Tuesday of every month.

Any earnings below the £12 threshold amount will be carried over to the following month.

Payments by Viewsbank are made via PayPal. In this case, your email address must be the same as your PayPal account email address. I recommend adjusting your Viewsbank email address to reflect this under the ‘account' section.

My Experience

I visited the Viewsbank website every single day for one week to look at the potential I had to earn significant money over an extended period of time. Sadly, it wasn't great.

I managed to make £1.47 in total (that includes all the money earned on the first day during the sign up) so not much in the terms of additional income.

I found that many of the assignments didn't update automatically. So while I'd completed an assignment a couple of days ago, it was still showing as available in my profile – giving me hope that I might be able to earn some money by completing some new assignments.

I created a poll about Brexit (we're supposed to leave in a couple of weeks so I felt as though it was relevant) unfortunately it didn't gain the traction I'd hoped to get me the bonus £10.

Of course, my experience is based on my initial answers to the Viewsbank questions. Additional assignments may have been available for those in different market sectors to me (i.e. located in a different part of the UK, or who have a lower / higher household income, maybe those with kids for example)

However, based on my experience alone, I'd suggest checking in on the Viewsbank website once a week would work perfectly. In which I can't expect you'd have to spend much more than 20 minutes completing a handful of assignments.

If you've got the time and the creative, you could try and submit a poll a day and get them to trend to really increase your earnings on the site.


In conclusion, there's no drawbacks to signing up for Viewsbank survey site. Albeit you're not going to get rich quick with this one, there's a limited number of surveys and the only bonus potential is in creating a ‘trending' poll.

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