Essential Tools For Selling On eBay

I made a Youtube video on the essential tools for selling on eBay recently and you guys went wild for it.

So, I decided to turn that video into a list to help those of you who need a list for reference (like me).

I’ve broken this list down into essentials (the things you absolutely must have to sell on eBay) and additional / extras (these things aren’t necessary, but they will help for one thing or another)

Essentials eBay Tools

When it comes to the essential eBay selling resources I’d recommend picking up all of the following, regardless of the niche or niches you’re looking to sell in.


Bubblewrap is going to protect your items and stop them from getting damaged in transit. You may be able to re-use some bubblewrap you’ve got from previous parcels.

Buy a small amount from your local Poundland or alternatively purchase a more ‘industrial’ amount if you’re shipping a large number of parcels a day.

Padded Envelopes

Perfect for books, DVD’s, CD’s, badges, trading cards and other small items. Padded envelopes have a thin layer of bubble wrap embedded to ensure protection.

If you’re only selling a couple of items then you can get a small bundle of different sizes online, or a small number of a specific size (a4, a5 etc.) from your local pound store.

If you’re selling a vast number of items then consider purchasing a box of each size you require.

Brown Roll

After wrapping your items in bubble wrap you’re going to need to cover them in something else so enabling you to write address details etc. I’d recommend brown roll.

This is an ideal alternative to padded envelopes for some smaller items (although it will take longer, and time is money).

However, I use brown roll specifically for large items where a padded envelope isn’t suitable. One example of this would be board games.


You can get the cheaper tape, but honestly, the Scotch brand is the one we use and it’s by far worth a couple of extra pennies. Otherwise, imagine the frustration when there’s tape everywhere, nothing is sticking to anything except everything is sticking to you.

Somewhat an ‘extra’ item but while we’re here I thought I’d better mention it. Tape Dispenser. This will save you an endless number of hours looking for the end of the tape.

Brown Tape

For bigger parcels, you’re going to want brown tape/parcel tape. This stuff is super strong! Once again I’d recommend paying a couple of extra pennies for the top-brand Scotch!

Like with the tape, you can get an industrial dispenser. This thing will save you time not just finding the ends but also wrapping your parcel. I would actually say this is an essential item if you’re going to be buying brown tape.


Opening items, cutting paper, packing parcels. A pair of good scissors are going to become your very best friend. 

In fact, I’d recommend buying two pairs, just in case you lose / accidentally temporarily put the first pair somewhere you can’t remember. 


This could be something as basic as the camera on your smartphone. We use the same camera we use for vlogging – the Canon G7X Mark II (or our iPhone XS plus if we’re in a rush). Although you don’t always need something quite as extensive. 

Digital Scales

To weigh items before listing to ensure that you’re charging the right amount of postage.

eBay Account

If you’re going to be selling items for profit (reselling) then you’re going to need a business account.

PayPal Account

If you’re going to be selling items for profit (reselling) then you’re going to need a business account.

Public Liability Insurance

For more information on public liability insurance click here.

Internet Connection

To list things on the internet…

Internet Capable Device

Anything from a smartphone or tablet through to a computer or laptop.

Additional eBay Tools

These are the additional items you may want for your eBay business. These will enhance your business, improve your productivity and hopefully make selling on eBay easier.

Business Cards

Can be used for advertising, networking or simply to ask for feedback within customer parcels.


Ideal for writing on parcels and not having to worry that it’ll rub off or not be seen. I.e. when dropping our parcels off at the drop and go with Royal Mail we mark if we want them sending 1st, 2nd or 1st recorded.

Label Printer

There’s nothing worse than writing an address wrong if you’re lucky and you realise you can change it.

Otherwise, you risk it going walkabouts altogether. A label printer will not only minimise human error it will also considerably speed up your packing time – and remember, time is money!

If you work from one laptop or computer a wired label printer is fine, however, if you’re part of a team consider a wireless printer so anyone who is using the WIFI can print.

Storage Boxes

The type and size of these are likely to depend on the stuff you sell. If clothing then most people bag the item.

label it.

Put it in a box such as a Really Useful Boxes, then number the box.

Helping them to find that particular item quicker upon sale.


To store products on… and packing materials etc.

If you’re going to be working in a bedroom with lightweight materials such as clothes and toys plastic shelving should be fine.

However, if you’re working in a garage or with heavy/industrial materials I’d recommend something stronger.

Cardboard Boxes

These are great for sending things that are a little more delicate. They come flat-packed and can be stored easily.


This will go a long way to helping you take better photos. For more information check out this article on photography for eBay.


Accounting can be hard for small businesses or self-employed. Having been both, I know that finding an accountant that understands and letting go of the control isn’t always easy.

However, I found having Xero meant that I didn’t need an accountant. Xero imports your transactions directly from your bank account and your Paypal accounts allowing you to easily reconcile them based on the type of purchase/sale.

Microsoft Excel Airtable

For tracking income, expenditure, products purchased etc. Sign up here.

I choose Airtable over Excel now as it’s free and more like a database than a formula based programme.

Royal Mail Drop & Go Account

I’ve spoken about the benefits of this in a video here.

Parcel2Go Account

My international and domestic parcel comparison website of choice.

GoofBid Account

Allowing you to find misspelt items and snipe other eBay listings to resell for profit.


Ideal if you’re looking to sell clothing. This will go a long way to helping you take better photographs.

Disc Repair Machine

This item is certainly an investment but if you’re looking at selling CD’s, DVD’s or video games then it’s likely to transform your selling capabilities.

While I’ve never personally owned one of these machines I’ve heard great things about the Disc Go-Devil.

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