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Top Ideas For Home Based Business Opportunities

Have you enjoyed working from home so much during lockdown that you want to do it long term? Even if your current role means you need to start heading back to the office as things start reopening, there are other ways you can continue to work how you have been doing. Maybe you haven't missed that commute at all and have enjoyed the extra money from not paying for your commute. It's also about time as well as the cash too. Let's take a look at some of the top ideas for home based business opportunities so you can continue to work how you want to.

Car Cleaning

Think of the number of cars on the road where you live. The owners all want them looking as good as they can. Car cleaning could be anything from a fiver for a 15 minute wash with some water, shampoo and a sponge or £75 for a complete valet. You could start off by simply washing cars to earn some cash and then invest in a decent polisher, vacuum cleaner and everything else you need for valeting the interior. You could literally clean up by offering decent car detailing just in your neighbourhood. 

Domestic Cleaning

A lot of people live busy lives and find that employing a cleaner for even an hour a week takes away that little bit of stress from when they spend time at home. You could easily earn £15 an hour, more if you're based in busy cities. Whilst you'll need a handled basket with dusters, polish, cleaning spray and other products, many cleaners use the vacuum cleaner at the clients property. There are also elderly people who enjoy the company just as much as the polished windowsills. Not only can you organise your business from home, you can become a lifeline to some people as well. 


Oven Cleaning

One of the dirtiest jobs that we all put off and it could be a good earner in terms of home based business opportunities. Many customers would rather pay to have their oven cleaned than tackle it themselves. It's a fair easy you have the right equipment and it doesn't actually take as long as you think. £50-60 per job is good money, especially if you can get five or six jobs a day. You can earn more if there are double ovens or the hob needs attention too. Many of these companies are booked up well in advance so there is clearly demand for it. If you do a good job, you'll find yourself hearing from potential new clients because of word of mouth. Be prepared to be busy in November and December as people want their ovens looking tip top before Christmas. 

Ironing Service

Much like domestic cleaning, some people would rather have the ironing taken off their plate, freeing them up to enjoy their spare time rather than spend it behind an ironing board. Ironing companies work in different ways. Some collect and drop off for an extra fee. Others only have people drop off and collection themselves. You can charge per item, £1 for a shirt, £1.50 for trousers, or simply charge by the weight of the bag or number of items, 10 items for £9, for example. You could increase the amount you earn by offering a laundering service too. Offer 3kg of clothing, washed and dried for £10. The same weight to be ironing for £15. However, a discount is even more appealing so combine the two services for £22, a £3 discount. If you find washing and ironing therapeutic, you can spend time at home organising your own things whilst the washing machine runs, then spend some time watching daytime TV whilst you iron.

Business Coach

If you've spent many years in the world of business but fancy stepping back from the rat race, you can use those skills you acquired. People will pay to be coached by someone with knowledge and expertise. Using the latest video conferencing tools you can coach business people over the internet. You can charge a good amount of it too, as long as you're offering a decent service. Repeat work is key here. Once a fortnight or once a month for £250 can help you build up a decent salary from home. Sell yourself as an expert on your website and you'll see a whole host of enquiries flood in. Perhaps one of the most perfect of the home based business opportunities in utilising your prior experience.


If you love taking care of children, why not make a business out of it? You could get part of your home certified to become a childcare service. This could be for youngsters who don't go to school, or simply offering before and after school services, which include drop off and pick up at the local school. Whilst the term time job might look bleak in the holidays, you can take those weeks off for yourself or offer holiday care too. 

Window Washing

Much like the car cleaning, window washing is something lots of people want. Both domestically and in business. If you could get a group of shops on the high street in your local town to sign up to your window washing, you can get up early and get the jobs done before most of the town awake. You could start off with a bucket and sponge, before moving up to a van with it's own extendable brushes and water supply. There are extras you could start to offer alongside window washing, such as gutter clearing and power washing.

Voiceover Artist

Do you have a unique voice? Are you a proficient talker who gets their words our clearly and concisely? If so, a voiceover artist career might be for you. There are lots of companies out there looking for freelancers who can provide their advertising campaigns which a special voice. You never know where this might lead and the great thing is, once you've got a decent microphone, you can often do a lot of this from a quiet space in your home. Who'd have thought you can get paid for simply talking?


Virtual Assistant

Setting yourself up to help other business owners is a great way to make money. You can offer virtual assistant services such as replying to emails, helping with administration or working on social media accounts. Think of all those business people who want to free up their time for mundane tasks to work on areas of the business to do with the reason they set up the business in the first place. If you can position yourself in as an affordable and professional who is willing to take on these tasks, you can keep yourself busy from your dining table on your laptop.


The next on our list of home based business opportunities is using your home in a different way. Do you have a spare room? Maybe you have an outbuilding that you could turn into a flat or bungalow. There are many ways to use your home as accommodation for others to earn money. You could include breakfast  in a bed and breakfast style set up to earn a little extra or simply offer a room only. With the rise of people opting for homes rather than hotels, you could even put your property on Airbnb and sleep in your caravan whilst guests pay to stay in your home.

Dog Walking

If you love dogs and the great outdoors, how about walking other people's dogs. They could be elderly folk who can't get out very much or those who work long hours and need someone to give their pet some exercise once a day. Some councils have rules about how many dogs you can walk at one time. It might be the case of having an hours walk with a couple of dogs who live near each other, then after you drop them off, you collect a couple more. You could easily charge £12.50 an hour. Consider the benefits to your own health too, lots of walking and easily getting your 10k steps a day. On top of this, if you have room at home you could consider adding a dog sitter service when owners need to go away for the weekend or on business trips. 

Personal Training

How about offering some personal training? This could be one on one for maybe £30 an hour in your garage gym or you could run fitness classes in your local park for groups of people. You might even consider making a YouTube channel to go alongside your new venture. This could be another way for people to find you and see what you offer before signing up to a class with you. Or simply to earn some passive income from YouTube ads as you film yourself doing what you love.

Play Video Games

Speaking of YouTube, there are loads of people who get paid to play games online. This could be streaming on YouTube or Twitch, earning money by being amazing at FIFA or Fortnite. You might not consider this an actual career, but there are lots of people earning huge amounts of money but simply sitting and playing games all day How does that sound?

As you can see, there are lots of ways that you can implement home based business opportunities. Some will take a little more start up capital than others. Some of the ideas might take a while to build u and not all of them guarantee constant work. However, if you don't give things a try now, when will you? You don't want to look back on your life after spending 40 years with the same company never really achieving anything but a pay cheque. Invest some time and effort in yourself and these ideas could really help take you places. 

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