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The Best Gifts For Students From Teachers For End Of Year

It's been such an odd school year for everybody involved. Schools suddenly closed their doors overnight, keeping the health and safety of the teachers, children and parents paramount. Our children have had a great deal of time away from school, taking part in homeschooling and zoom classes and usually at this time of the year we'd be looking at what gifts children can give to their favourites teachers. This time though, we're looking at little gifts for students from teachers for end of the year celebrations. 

Wildflower Seeds

There's nothing quite like spreading some wildflower seeds and watching them grow. Lots of children have been drawing rainbows throughout the pandemic and this could add some more much needed colour to the world. It's another way of them creating rainbows all over the place. You can even create little personalised stickers to pop on the outsider of the seed packs. If you can't get hold of wildflower seeds, some sunflowers seeds could be a great challenge for the children. Get them to keep you updated with how tall theirs have grown!

Personalised Pencils

There are many vendors on eBay and Etsy who will sell you personalised pencils. Pencils are the staple part of every child's stationery case and having a personalised one from their teacher would be so special. You could get all the pencils to say the same thing, something along the lines of “Thank you for being amazing. Love from Miss Smith”. Some retailers will let you do them individually too but that will likely cost more. This could be one of the best gifts for students from teachers for end of year goodbyes. They'll remember you whenever they use their special pencil!

Awesome Books

There's nothing quite like a teacher giving their students a good book to read. You might have a favourite one that you'd like to gift your pupils. There are always book offers available online and you can pick up incredible bargains so it won't cost you too much. The Works often do 10 books for £10, which are perfect for birthday party bags, as well as teachers buying their students a gift. You can get loads of well known picture books, from sleepy tales to sweet fairies. Where else can you get 10 copies of We're Going On A Bar Hunt for £10 from?

Book Marks

Sticking with the idea of books, how about a personalised book mark for each pupil? You can order these online in the same way as the personalised pencils. Alternatively you could get crafty and make your own. Many of us love having a creative afternoon. If you didn't want to make it for them, you could put together ‘make your own book mark' kits including craft pieces and pens. This will give them an activity to undertake over the summer and give the parents a few minutes respite to enjoy a hot cup of tea.

Dough-lightful Activities

Think about other activities that could give the parents a few minutes of peace. From play dough to slime, craft kits to scratch art, they'll love doing some little activities that their teacher has sent them. Them them use their imagination and enjoy some fun play time. Pop the items in a gift bag and create a sticker or tag to make it extra exciting!

Painted Rocks

If you love being arty, painting rocks is the perfect stress buster. You can also personalise the rocks to each individual pupil. If Joey loves superheroes, detail his with masks and capes. If Mary-Beth has been obsessed with princesses throughout the school year, make a pretty and regal one for her. This can even be an idea to use for high school students too. Motivational quotes will go a long way and might just help to keep them on the right track. 

Classroom Coupons

You might not yet know who's class the pupils will be going into next year, but if you can, this is a great idea. If you can figure it out between the teachers, why not create some classroom coupons that the students can use when they return to school? These coupons could be for a whole range of things. From having lunch with the teacher to being the line leader. Maybe a bring your stuffed animal to school day or a non uniform day coupon too. These will help make the pupils excited to come back to school and it costs nothing but a little bit of time, effort and printer ink.

Bath Bombs

What kid doesn't love having a bath which changes colour? Add some fun to their bath times by gifting them a bath bomb. They'll be so excited for bath time, making the bargaining the parents sometimes have to go through to get them washed, much easier! The kids will think is one of the best on the list of gifts for students from teachers for end of year. So will the Mums and Dads!

Personalised Chocolate

If the children you teach love chocolate, by heading to Etsy and eBay like we mentioned before, you can buy bars of chocolate with personalised wrappers on then. Something along the lines of “Thank you for being part of Class 3S. Love from Miss Smith” would be a lovely message to send along with the sweet treat. The retailers usually let you choose a colourful background too so you can take your pick and make it a little bit more personal. The message might not even matter as they rip it off and munch through the chocolate bar!

Bags Of Sweets

Along the same lines as chocolate, how about treating the kids in your class to a little bag of sweets. Support a local sweet shop and ask them to put together 50p mixes in individual bags. That way it's just a little token, without parents worrying about the sugar too much. They might devour the sweets in one go but they'll remember who sent them.

Whilst teachers might not even see their pupils again before the end of the year, a lot of these gifts can be posted to the children at home. Shining little lights of hope during these dark times for our children is a wonderful thing to do and maybe one of the most important thing that teachers can do at this time. 

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