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The 9 Best Selling Clothing Brands On eBay UK

I've dabbled in selling clothing multiple times on eBay over the past decade.

Ultimately, I decided clothing wasn't the market I was interested in, I didn't have the passion when I knew so much about other niche markets that I could profit from on eBay.

Ultimately, that's what I love about eBay and reselling in general. There's something for everyone to sell (and buy) for a profit.

Right now, I only really sell my own unwanted clothes on eBay for money to put towards new ones. However, in this post, I'll be sharing the best selling clothing brands on eBay UK with you.

It's worth noting this is for eBay UK only. The US and other markets are very different, so you'll be best finding a local authoritative reseller in your location if you're not from the UK – Sorry!

Sweaty Betty

Sweaty Betty is a British retailer, founded in 1998 that specialises in women's activewear, founded by Tamara and Simon Hill-Norton.

Leggings from the store often retail around the £80 mark, with very few sales and reductions throughout the year, these products fetch a significant sum on eBay.


FitFlops is an American brand that was founded in 2007. There's a range of different styles – some fetching more than other on eBay.

You can buy FitFlops online, they even have an outlet, but still buying them second hand on eBay is still the cheapest option for those looking to buy a pair.


Lululemon is a Canadian athletic company, with limited retail outlets in the United Kingdom.

I think of this brand as very similar to Sweaty Betty, in the terms of limited outlets, a limited number of sales and discounts throughout the year and therefore a very active second-hand market on eBay UK.


Kenzo offers a variety of clothing for men, women and children. The adults clothing often fetches more than the children clothing, as does particular clothing designs.

The Kenzo brand is sold in a number of high-end retail outlets across the UK and online, where a brand new logo t-shirt for adults will vary from £80 – £180.


Brasher is a high-end outdoor clothing and shoe manufacturer that's been around since 1983.

Certainly, the most popular item on the second-hand market for the Brasher brand is shoes, which fetch around £30 on average.

John Galliano

John Galliano CBE is a Gibraltar-born British fashion designer who was the head designer of French fashion companies Givenchy and Christian Dior. Before creating his own self-titled label.

Galliano doesn't have a store, instead, items are sold on designer websites such as Yoox. John Galliano shoes tend to retail between £100 – £300 new whereas t-shirts start from £50 right up to the £200 mark.

Magnum Panther

Magnum Panther specialises in selling leather boots that are army style. These boots are very popular with walkers, and outdoor enthusiasts and tend to retail for around £80+ new.

On the second-hand market, you should be able to comfortably achieve between £15 – £20 for a pair in good condition.


Founded in London in 1971, Reiss is a popular clothing brand that has more than 160 stores across 15 countries. They also have an online store that runs sales frequently.

A women's t-shirt at Reiss retails for around £70, so depending on the size and style you can expect to receive around a 25% return on the RRP cost of a used Reiss product when being sold on eBay.


Radley is a popular accessories brand that features a dog as it's a logo. The brand was founded in 1998 and sells products in its own stores, alongside other department stores and retailers.

The bags tend to retail for between £15 and £30 on the second-hand market, depending on the size and the design, compared to the circa £100 brand new.

The purses from Radley tend to fetch around 25% of that on the second-hand market, somewhere between £5 and £15 – again depending on the design.

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