Reselling is without a doubt, my favourite way to make money. There are so many different forms reselling can take, from buying wholesale and selling in retail stores, to buying second-hand items and selling them online.

I love learning about new types of items; clothes, antiques, media, you name it, there’s a market for absolutely anything.

This reselling area is also great for learning about the value of items you have in your home that you might be wanting to sell to declutter, raise money to clear debt or save for something special.

For example; my post on selling Blu-Rays is suitable for those looking to buy Blu-Rays at the carboot sale or in charity shops, but also perfect for those clearing out having moved to a streaming service.

How To Separate Lego Pieces

Whether you’re wanting to separate Lego bricks for your child, to clean your Lego, to check the inventory of a Lego set, or to sell.…
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How To Increase Sales On eBay

It’s the fourth quarter. A time in which most eBay sellers expect their sales to rocket. Yet we’ve seen slow and stagnant sales. This has…
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