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How To Find Charity Shops Near Me

In this post, we'll be answering a question I recently received in an email “I've just moved to a new town, how can I find charity shops near me?”

If you're looking to buy reduced items to sell on eBay for a profit, pick up some new housewares or simply donate your unwanted goods to a great cause then charity shops are perfect.

However, when you're in a new location then finding charity shops can sometimes be hard.

Some of the best charity shops are off the high-street and in places you might otherwise not know about as they can rent a larger area for less.

Which is why I created this post to help you find charity shops from the comfort of your home or on your mobile when you're out and about.


You can find charity shops nearby using Google maps either on your smartphone with GPS enabled or on a desktop in advance.

Simply search ‘charity shops' and then your destination. Click over to maps and you'll find the location, name and opening times of every charity shop listed.

This is without a doubt the easiest and quickest way to find charity shops. If you have a smartphone then the search can also be done using the Google maps application. Ideal for charity shopping on the go!

Local Facebook Pages

Facebook. Love it or hate it, it can be a great resource.

Many communities have set up groups for people to join and find out information about a particular area.

Questions can include; Local events, details in regards to a particular school and community issues and concerns.

All this makes local Facebook pages a fantastic resource if you're looking for charity shops. Be sure to read the rules of every group first, and then ask away.

While it takes a little longer than a Google search and the responses are going to need collating, you may find a hidden gem that you otherwise wouldn't have found.

Such as the best times to visit, or what particular shop to go to for specific types of products i.e. furniture or clothing.

The High Street

Should all the above fail you, then head to the local high-street. I'm yet to visit a town or city without charity shops on the high-street.

You might not get great charity shops, and they might not have what you're looking for. But they are a fantastic starting point, into your ‘charity shop hunting'.

Also, don't be afraid to ask in the store if they have any other stores local. You might find that particular charities have stores in neighbouring towns.

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