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Reselling is one of the easiest and most popular ways to start earning money. You need a small amount of capital to start with to allow you to buy stock, but after that the possibilities are endless.

There are multiple products you can sell and multiple platforms you can sell on making this a great way to earn some extra cash or begin working for yourself.

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Increasing Average Listing Prices On eBay & Consolidating Stock To Increase Sales

Increasing Average Listing Prices On eBay & Consolidating Stock To Increase Sales Have you ever thought about combining multiple eBay listings to increase your average listing prices on eBay or maybe to increase the likelihood of a sale? In the run-up to Christmas, our busiest time on eBay I decided to put some different theories about lot combos to the test. Why would you do this? Well with Q4 in full swing, we're quickly running out of space on our basic eBay shop allowance. I really don't want to start paying £0.20 per listing of an item. Especially when I know there's probably items listed on eBay that I can either remove or combine with other listings in order to maximise the number of listings I am given by eBay. However, that's not the only reason. By providing added value [...]

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How To Sell Your Unwanted Clothes For Cash

How To Sell Clothes For Cash Updated: August 2018 According to Asos Marketplace, the average female customer has almost £1,000 worth of clothing sitting in their wardrobe that they've not worn in over a year. After all, you can only wear one outfit at a time, right? Imagine selling your clothes for cash for the sum of £1,000. What would £1,000 mean to you? or is it simply an added benefit of having a cleaner and clearer wardrobe. One of the very first things I did in my quest for minimalism created a minimalist wardrobe. It's super simple and very empowering. However, what do you do with all those leftover clothes? Well with an estimated £1,000 in cash just hanging there it's probably time to learn how to sell your clothes for cash. Believe it or not, when I first cleared [...]

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The Ultimate Guide To Selling Lego

The Ultimate Guide To Selling Lego I started selling Lego from my bedroom in my parent's house more than 5 years ago. Since then I've gone on to become a company director for my very own Lego empire. Lego has long been a reseller's 'go to' product. However, there's so much of the stuff it can be overwhelming... Which is exactly why I've created this mammoth post designed as my ultimate guide to selling Lego. This guide is set to provide you with EVERYTHING you need to know to sell either a minifigure or a range of Lego sets, parts and accessories! Where To Buy Lego To Sell So you're looking for where to buy Lego to resell for profit. Whether it be at a Lego show, toy fair or online the Lego market is HUGE! I've broken this down [...]

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How To Handle Negative or Neutral Feedback on eBay

How To Handle Negative or Neutral Feedback on eBay Whether you're simply selling goods from your home or a fully fledged eBay reseller, sometimes the inevitable happens... You get a negative or a neutral feedback from one of your buyers. I say it's inevitable because it really, really is... You could have a perfect store, perfect products. However, human error or unrealistic buyer expectations are going to trip you up. Today, I want to talk about how we handle a negative or neutral feedback on eBay. Noticing The Feedback There's no big alert that goes off on your account when you get feedback from a buyer that isn't positive. Which is why it's very important that you check your seller dashboard daily. There are lots of places you can spot your eBay feedback score. Either on your selling page. Or [...]

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How To Improve Your eBay Listings To Increase The Likelihood Of A Sale

How To Improve Your eBay Listings To Increase The Likelihood Of A Sale It's the fourth quarter. A time in which most eBay sellers expect their sales to rocket. Yet we've seen slow and stagnant sales. This has sent alarm bells ringing, so I did what most of us would do. I took the quick and hassle-free route and put on a 10% sale over Black Friday weekend. The sale has been on for three days now and we've seen zero increase in sales... Clearly, this means that the problem is more than just pricing. So, I decided to work on my listings while writing this post to give you an idea of ways in which we look to improve our eBay listings to increase the likelihood of a sale. Using Your Own Initiative Sure there are some great tools [...]

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How To Start Selling Clothes On eBay

How To Start Selling Clothes On eBay Selling clothes is a great way to get started on eBay. However, with so many different brands and garments, it can sometimes feel overwhelming. After almost two years selling clothes on eBay I've put together this guide to help others get started in the field. Picking up clothes to resell on eBay is a great introduction to reselling as they are affordable (most items can be purchased from charity shops and carboot sales for £1 - £2), small (easy to store and easy to pack) and always available / always needed. Where To Buy Clothes To Sell On eBay There are a number of places you can source clothes to resell on eBay, sometimes it is all about thinking outside of the box. Some of the best places to find quality clothes are [...]

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