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JustPark Review – Make Money From Your Drive & Save Money On Parking

In this JustPark review, I'm going to be explaining how you can use the website to list your car parking space to rent online and/or pick up cheap car parking spaces in places that would usually be incredibly expensive.

For example… We recently came back from a trip to the home of Lego, Billund Denmark.

The entire place pretty much only exists due to Lego, meaning flights from Ryanair are only available from London Stansted. This airport is particularly difficult to get to, especially from outside of London.

So, we chose to drive.

Driving to the airport is nothing new, however, driving to a London airport is…

So imagine my surprise when I looked up the price of parking and the airport wanted £67.99 for just four nights.

I used every frugal traveller's trick in the book and I simply couldn't get the cost lower than £67.99.

I crossed my arms and refused to pay more for parking than two return flights to another country – Madness!

How Does JustPark Work?

JustPark (formally known as is an online website that has been designed to allow people to rent out their car parking space, garage or even car park in return for cash.

I managed to use the interactive map on the JustPark website to find more than 30 different parking spaces within a 5-mile radius of London Stansted for the dates I required.

Like eBay, Airbnb or any similar service people who rent out their car parking space are given reviews out of five. This allowed me to filter users based on other peoples experience.

Booking A Car Parking Space Using JustPark

Thanks to the filtering available via JustPark. I was able to narrow down my search significantly to JustPark user John.

John was located just three miles from London Stansted airport and was advertising some spare space on his drive.

The parking space was available during our required dates and he wanted just £25 for the same four nights.

That's a saving of £40 / more than 50%

Better still, John the JustPark user offered to drive us too and from the airport saving us having to get a taxi or shuttle bus from nearby his house.

We booked John's car parking space using JustPark. We were quickly provided with the address as well as details such as a phone number should we need to contact him during our journey with a change of arrival time.

Parking Our Car In A JustPark Car Parking Space

A gloomy September morning, we arrived at John's house at just turned 5 am. So imagine our surprise when John was already outside waiting for us to pull up.

He'd even gone to the effort of making signs directing people from the main road to his house (it turns out he was a very popular JustPark user).

No sooner had we parked our car than we were in Johns driving the short three-mile trip to the airport. 

Around a similar distance when compared to the car parking space we would have been parking in had we booked with the official airport car park.

The JustPark App

JustPark has made itself accessible and convenient to the ‘on the go' audience thanks to its fantastic free mobile application and integrated application that can be found in BMW cars.

This means that you don't need a computer to book the parking space, instead, thanks to GPS JustPark can find a parking space local to you in real-time.

So, if it comes to the boxing day sales in the City Centre and you've nowhere to park then you're saved. There's none of that uncertainty when it comes to finding a parking space (at the right price or otherwise) and all the convenience.

JustPark Alternatives

If you're unhappy with this JustPark review and would like to use a similar company for the same service then here are some alternatives;

Your Parking Space

If you're not going to park with JustPark, then these guys are second place for sure!

Your Parking Space originated in 2006, however, don't be surprised that you're only just hearing about it as it didn't ‘really' take off until it's rebrand and investor funding in 2013.

Similar to JustPark, Your Parking Space allows you to book time at a parking space for as little as an hour or as long as a month.

What I love about this site is there's no need to go through a sign-up / register process. You simply find the space you want and book!

Your Parking Space has the second-largest nationwide coverage after JustPark from the research I found. They also offer a booking guarantee for customers should you be unhappy with the parking space when you arrive.

Park On My Drive

There's no denying that Park on my Drive doesn't look quite as fancy as JustPark or Your Parking Space. However, it still does the job – in fact, in some ways, I'd say it goes above and beyond its job.

Offering up a completely free download of a pdf contract for owners and car owners to sign when using the Park on my Drive service.

Unfortunately, however, it seems that the clunkiness of Park on my Drive has put many off as I found a lot less variety when it came to parking spaces and next to no reviews of any parking spaces that were on offer local to me.

Compared to the JustPark service offering it just doesn't give me as a consumer the confidence that I found with JustPark or the Your Parking Space alternative.


Parklet is certainly more stylish than Park on my Drive and is well worth a mention as a JustPark alternative. The service offers users the choice of booking hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or even annual car parking spaces.

Unfortunately, however, Parklet seems to have a very small service offering both inside and outside of London. They have teamed up with Q-Park allowing users to book through them.

Although considering we're looking at saving money on parking Q-Park isn't someone I'd recommend, in fact, they seem to be one of the most expensive car park branches I've ever had the pleasure of using.

It's also worth mentioning if you really did want to park with Q-Park they too have their own parking app so I'm not sure why you might go through the third party of parklet as it actually wouldn't save you any money.


I hope you've enjoyed this JustPark review. Since our first experience of using JustPark, we've gone on to use it a number of times. Especially when visiting London.

JustPark has proven itself as a fantastic way to save money on parking. I've found that you'll often save more than 50% compared to traditional parking spaces when looking to park in major cities, near train stations, airports or sporting venues.

Certainly, if you can't use JustPark I'd recommend checking out the alternatives I mentioned above before going the more ‘traditional route' when it comes to parking your car.

As always, I'd love to know what you think. Have you previously used JustPark for parking your car?

Maybe you've tried one of the JustPark alternatives?

Let us know in the comments below.

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