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How To Sell Lightroom Presets

The photography market is saturated with people vying for business and sales. With stock images making a few pence, print sales down and workshops needing people to part with a decent chunk of money, photographers are looking for other ways to raise funds. One of these areas you can use your entrepreneurial skills is by selling Lightroom presets to help people starting off their photography journey. You could make extra money every month by selling presets. Let's look at how to sell Lightroom presets. 

What Is Lightroom?

So let's begin by talking about what Lightroom actually is. Lightroom is part of the Adobe family of software. It's an image organisation and manipulation program allowing the user to import, save, organise, tag, edit and share a large number of their digital files. It is part of the Adobe Creative Cloud. You can start a free trial to see if it's for you before you invest in the software. Lightroom is also available on your smartphone should you enjoy take photos on your mobile. 

What Is A Lightroom Preset?

In order to start selling Lightroom presets, we must first get to know what they are. The way you edit a photograph in Adobe Lightroom is by moving the sliders on the screen. Each slider adjusts a specific part of the image. You might want to increase of decrease different parts of the photograph, including the colour, vibrancy and contrast. A Lightroom Preset is an arrangement of these sliders which is predetermined. Once you are happy with the edit of an image, you can save the preset so it can easily be applied to another photo. This means that when you want to edit with similar styles, you have a preset to work with. Once you've done the work once and 

Different Types Of Presets

You might want to create a preset which is in line with your typical photography style. You might be a woodland photographer and have a certain look and feel to your images. The same could be said for the landscape photographers, street photographers and portrait photographers amongst us. Whatever your photography niche you can create presets which might have a specific mood or perhaps reflect seasonal changes. They could be for black and white images, a certain colour temperature or a colour boost. Presets are often a one stop shop for photographers who don't know much or have much skill with post processing images. However they can also aid photographers to see what is possible and let them add their own creative flair as well. 

Make Your Presets

The presets that you create need to be professional. They also need to be unique and stand out in a way that people want to buy from you over someone else. You need to be happy with the presets that you create and also use them in your own work. If the creator of the preset doesn't use said preset on their own photography, why should anybody else. You need to ensure your presets are well organised and labelled too. There's nothing worse than doing lots of work but failing on the organisational side of things. Use different files and folders to make your work is accessible and in order.

Create Bundles That Will Sell

Your presets need to give the potential buyer good value for money. Just selling individual presets might not be of interest to people. Instead, bundle them together under specific themes. These could be wedding presets, cinematic style, presets for mobile or maybe natural and clean. Look at what else is selling out there and consider putting your own spin on it. Watch out for trends and adjust your bundles accordingly. Having ‘adventure', ‘pastel' or ‘rose gold' will be appealing for social media influencers and blogger who want quick and easy changes to the images they capture. Have some wiggle room in the Lightroom presets that you offer. Variations on the styles you create allow people to have that little bit more control and let you charge a more without that much additional work. 

Market Your Work

Once you've created your presets to sell, the next question is how to sell Lightroom presets to people who want them? You need to market your work. Using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are fantastic. Even Pinterest has a great ability to drive sales. Maybe create a YouTube channel about how you edit your images and then direct people to the link in your description to buy your presets. You can also use your own blog to discuss how you create images then link the user to your sales platform. Make sure you use your best images which will turn heads and capture people's attention. Showing off your presets in the best possible light will encourage sales. Be sure to user watermarks on your images though.

If you have any online following you can market your presets to them. You could perhaps give a bundle away for free to get people to sign up to your email list. Then you can send them an offer for the rest of your preset bundles. Maybe invest in some social media advertising to target those interested in photography. Price your preset bundles as competitive to others out there, so do some research into prices currently being charged. You could even offer a discount if the buyer purchases more than one of your bundles. Maybe 20% off if three bundles are bought? There is a market out there for Lightroom presets, you just have to find a way to tap into it. 

Get Selling

Hopefully we've answered the question of how to sell Lightroom presets. This will help you make money from your photography business or perhaps as a side hustle if you have a skill for photo editing. Once these bundles are listed on your website or perhaps on a third party site such as Etsy, any sales become part of your passive income. Once you start getting sales, you'll be able to add new bundles and make even more money every month.


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