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How to save money on running your car

We are all facing expensive prices at the petrol pumps. The price of fuel has jumped up considerably. At the beginning of 2021 it was about £1.16 for a litre of petrol. Right now it is, on average, about £1.90 per litre. Some forecourts have it on sale for over £2! In that same period, diesel has jumped from around £1.20 to almost £2 a litre. An additional 80p for every litre is unsustainable for 99% of the country. For a 60-litre car that is an extra £48! For the first time, we're looking at £100 to fill up an average family car. At a time when the cost of living is rising rapidly, looking at how to save money on running your car can certainly help. 

save money on running your car

Find The Cheapest Fuel

Securing the best possible price for your petrol and diesel is paramount right now. There are more than 8000 forecourts in the United Kingdom competing for your business.

There is an app called Petrol Prices that you can download to your phone and keep an eye on the cheapest fuel near you. It'll give you results within 5 miles of you, so you can find the best place to fill up wherever you are in the country. You can even check other towns and postcodes if you are travelling somewhere. This can help you pay the lowest possible price for your fuel. You need to plan your routes and know where you are going to stop to fill up. Don't get carried away by slight price differences though. Driving further away for slightly cheaper petrol is probably not going to save you any money. You could save a penny per litre. However, saving 60p on the price of a fill-up sounds great, however, if you drive 10 miles to get that, you'll have used more petrol than money saved. 

Think about using a cashback card to pay for your petrol. Some credit abd debit cards will give you a percentage back as cashback when you spend on them. This could be up to 5%! This would bring your £1.90 litre petrol down to just over £1.80.

Empty Your Boot

An empty boot makes a huge difference when you are looking to save money on running your car. If your boot is full of stuff, your vehicle is heavier and so you are using more fuel to get it moving. That pushcahir, those golf clubs and the box of stuff for the charity shop is costing you money if you leave it in the car! Empty out your boot, the back seat and your footwells so your car is clean, tidy and lightweight. 

woman vehicle

Car Share

A great way to save money on running your car is to find a car share buddy. if you drive into work every day by yourself, there is just one person in the car. Just one person paying for fuel and parking. If you could find one person from your office or a nearby office in the city who lives nearby and works similar hours to you, they could pay you money to car share. That extra money could go towards the fuel expense and parking fees. Think about it, you still have 3 seats in the back if you have a standard car. How much could you save by car sharing with more people. Put a message on your work noticeboard or download a car sharing app to find people.

How to get paid to drive

Switch Off Your Air Con

Did you know that air con uses fuel? Your air con actually uses somewhere between 0.2 and 1 litre of petrol per 100km. So travelling 62 miles with your air con on could cost you an extra £1.90! Yes, you need to cool the air down during hot weather to make your journey comfortable, however be sure to switch it off when you don't need it on.

save money on running your car

Pump Up Your Tyres

If your tyres are not pumped up properly it could be costing you more in fuel to move your car. Check your manual for the perfect tyre pressure and then get out your pump. Some forecourts have free air machines so you can pump up your tyres. If you reguarly check your tyres you will be sure that they are in good working order and pumped up to the right Pounds Per Square Inch (PSI). Frequrnyl checking your tyres will also flag up any issues. No one wants a nail stuck in their tyre or to be driving around on bald tyres. Checking your tyres will help prevent accidents and save money on running your car.

Maintain Your Vehicle

Checking tyres is part of vehicle maintenance. Maininging your car is so important. A regular service can help ensure everything is running properly and that your car is operating to the best of it's ability. Some of this maintance you can do yourself however you can also find a decent garage to help you out. 

car mountains

Compare Car Insurance Quotes

A huge part of running our car is fuel, however car insurance is another big chunk of our expenditure. How much did you pay for this years car insurance? Did you shop around or simply accept the renewal price. Even a renewal price is usually too much as a simple phone call can usually shave a few extra pounds off what you pay. Using comparison sites will give you a decent ball park figure about how much you are going to expect to pay. Check what the policies include and be sure to give customer reviews a quick look. You might not want to have car insurance with a company that never answer their phones! 

Don't overestimate your milage as this will bump your cost up. Adding an experienced driver to your policy as an addtional driver can help drop the price too. You can also click through to the reatiler via a cashback site to bring it down that little bit more. When you figure out ways to save on your car sinruance you'll do it year after year. Why pay more when you could pay less? Save money on running your car by comparing insurance prices to find the best deal for you.

Swap Your Vehicle

Of course, we pay road tax as well. The amount you pay depends on the car you own. If you pay a high price for road tax, could swapping your vehicle for a different one be a good idea? Some cars pay no road tax, whilst others pay £250+. Newer and smaller cars might also use less fuel to get around, saving you even more. Then there could be environment benefits if you were to swap to an electric car or a hybrid. You could save money on running your car in the long run, by swapping your car now.

petrol pump

How to make money with your car UK

How can you save money on running your car? Be sure you aren't overpaying to drive where you need to. From checking petrol prices before you drive to a forecourt, to considering swapping your set of wheels for something more economical, there are plenty of things to think about. Drive safe!

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