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How To Save Money On Greeting Cards

I'm at that age where everyone seems to be getting married, I mean, I got married too, I can't complain, I just realised I REALLY need to learn how to save money on greetings cards.

Buying Christmas cards, Birthdays cards, congratulations you've got a kid card, congratulations you've decided to spend the rest of your life with someone cards every single year, soon adds up.

And I'm not just talking about the price. The amount of time it takes is well, ALOT too.

Remembering how old someone is when their birthday is and deciding on a card that doesn't have a huge price tag on top of your day to day life is hard work.

However, in this post, I'll be breaking down how to save money on greetings cards – with a couple of bonus tips on how to maximise your time and productivity when it comes to buying and preparing greetings cards too.

Write A Greetings Card List

Helen and I have been getting this down to a tee for a couple of years now, however at the end of every year, or the beginning of every new year depending on how busy we are. We plan out our year.

During this plan, we write down special events; birthdays, weddings, christenings etc.

Of course, this isn't always accurate. We've had friends who've got married in the space of 3 months that we've had to add on but it's a great base and covers 90% of events.

In our plan, we're able to see on the calendar when each of the events takes place.

We can then take this list to our chosen card shop and use it to see at a glance what cards we need to buy.

Take Inventory Of What You Already Have

We personally aim to buy high-quality cards on heavy discounts throughout the year.

We store these cards in a wonderful storage box in our office that's labelled (so we remember where they are!).

Once we've completed our list of cards we need to buy – but before we do any shopping, we'll look through this box to see if we have any cards that would be suitable.

Year after year, this cuts the amount of time and money we have to spend on greetings cards.

Buy In Bulk

Sadly, it's never 100% we always have to buy some greetings cards. That's fine, I sort of expect it – otherwise, we've probably bought too many cards throughout the year.

So, we'll go on a special shopping trip specifically to buy greetings cards.

It sounds mad.

It probably is mad.

But it works.

Because, otherwise how many times do you seem to run out for a card last-minute, paying over the odds all because you forgot to do it in advance.

So, that one trip, that one hour. Tends to save us a lot of panicking, money and time in the long run.

Shop Low Cost

Personally, we buy all our cards from The Card Factory.

You can buy basic greetings cards in there for as little as 10 for £1, or as much as £3.99 depending on the style and size you're looking for.

Compared to the major greetings card retailers; Clintons and Hallmark along with the supermarkets, this is a saving of between 75% and 90% every time.

Write In Bulk & Store

Once we have all our cards for the year we'll sit one evening and write the cards. Again, batching together this process saves us a lot of time throughout the year.

We'll then store the cards in the order in which they'll be given in a box as we do with the blank cards.

Avoid Online Personalised Cards

The likes of Moonpig, Funky Pidgeon etc. are great. However, with even the most basic card retailing at £2.99 it's simply unaffordable for many.

These cards are great as a one-off, for a very special someone. Don't get me wrong.

Just don't get in the habit of doing it multiple times a year, because before long that's £30+ on greetings cards.

If you do have to buy the personalised cards for a special occation be sure to look out for a promotional code or voucher to get a discount where possible.

Make Your Own

If you love making personalised greetings cards, then making your own can be a great way to save money without compromising on the end result.

This beautiful card crafting kit makes up to 36 cards. Again, you could look at reusing and recycling old cards or stocking up on reduced card making supplies year-round as highlighted below.

Reuse and Recycle Where Possible

Wherever you can, however, you can reuse and recycle the greetings cards you receive. This not only saves you money but saves the planet too.

Country Living has some great ideas for how to upcycle used greetings cards, as does Pinterest.

Look For Discounts Year Round

Again, this comes back to the point I made earlier about storage. We look for discounts on greetings cards year-round while we're out and about.

Even if we know we don't need another birthday card at the time, if we know it's a good deal, and are confident it'll be used in the next year or two then we'll simply buy it and put it away.

We have a special fund in our budget just for buying greetings cards, wrapping paper and gifts on sale to give later in the year.

That's my complete guide on how to save money on greetings cards. As always I'd love to know any ways you save money on greetings cards. Let me know in the comments below.

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