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How To Make Money With Squarespace

If you have a website or a blog, there are many ways to make money from it. It's not an easy process and it certainly takes some work but it can be a great way to build your passive income once you've got things put into place. There are lots of different ways to build your blogging site or web presence and for this post we're going to look at Squarespace. So how do you make money with Squarespace? Let's take a look!

What Is Squarespace?

Let's first figure out what Squarespace actually is. Squarespace is an all in one platform that allows people with no website building skill of ability to put together their own website. This is done via pre-built website templates and a drag and drop system to bring the site to life. There are no plugins necessary and you can get a free 14 day trial to figure out if it's for you or not. Squarespace websites can be used for business sites, eCommerce sites and portfolio sites, as well as blogs. Depending on how many features you need, you can pay from as little as £10 a month up to £30 a month, worked out from an annual cost.

There are lots of Squarespace website examples online so you can see just what is possible and how you can create your own. Obviously, if you're shelling out a cost to host and keep your website active, you might want to try and claw some of that money back and even make more money on top. How do you make money with Squarespace?

What Do You Need In Order To Make Money?

One of the first things to do is get your website into a situation that you are happy with. Well designed, with plenty of content on there. With Squarespace it's easy to create appealing homepages, landing pages and so much more using their in built platform. Try to stick to a schedule of publishing content so your site appears fresh. Using key phrases that people will search for will start to pull in an audience to your articles. Building up a social media following so you can share links to your website is also important. Now you can start to think about placing adverts and more to bring in some cash.

Place Ads

There are a few different ways to place adverts on your website. If you have visitors coming to your website, reading your content, looking at what you are creating, then you might as well make a passive income from having adverts sat on your site. As your site grows and your following increases, the amount of revenue you'll gain from showing adverts on your website will increase too. t might start small but it can easily grow over time. You can find out more about Cost Per Click and Cost Per Thousand Impressions adverts here.

Affiliate Marketing

You might have heard of affiliate marketing and you can make real money from it. There are many different types of affiliate programmes you can sign up to and they all have their own quirks. The amount of money you can earn from them varies considerably but it can be a great addition to your website. If you discuss a certain product in a blog post, you can direct people to where to buy it and by using an affiliate scheme, you can then earn money if they spend. It might be a small percentage but as it doesn't cost the purchaser anything, it comes fro the company, its completely worth it.

Once you've placed a link on your website it does the work for you. Every click and visit means potential cash for you. This could be great if you are a photographer listing what gear you use, a tech website showing the best software for a specific reason or simply a lifestyle blog letting people know where they can pick up bargain clothes. Affiliate marketing is great!

If you've got a great following and and decent domain authority score you can start charging to host content. There are companies out there who will pay you to write a blog post and include a link to their website. There are even companies who will provide you with an article so all you have to do is copy and paste it onto your site. You could earn £20 for this, you could earn £50 or £100! When you have put a lot of effort into building your site and growing your following and perhaps connecting with other bloggers, earning money like this is such a thrill. You can easily find some Squarespace website examples where the owners are selling sponsored content and make good money from it.

Sell Your Services & Skills

Can you sell some products or services through your website? Maybe you can create an eBook to sell, showing people how to launch a business if you've experience of doing that. If you've done something successfully people will be interested in how they can perhaps do the same and they'll pay you a small cost for the knowledge. You could advertise yourself as a gust speaker for conferences or sell online consulting services. Perhaps you could make merchandise to go alongside your brand which can sell or even create a video blog series of Pilates lessons or how to get the best out of your digital camera. If you have skills to share, people will part with money to learn.

Diversify Your Income Streams

In all of this, you can see how we are diversifying our income streams. Adding new ones which might bring a little bit of extra cash to the table. However, if you have a lot of little streams, you soon have a river full of money flowing along! There are loads of ways to use and utilise your website to add money to your bank account and why stop with one? You could add another website on top of your already established site and bring another blog to life. You really can make money with Squarespace.

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