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How To Make Free International Calls

Remember the days of finding extortionate calling charges on your mobile phone bill when you were abroad? Phoning home was such a risky thing as you never be quite sure how much you'd be lumbered with on the monthly. With so many of us wanting to enjoy travelling the world or exploring new countries on a gap year, we need to be able to check in with loved ones. Surely there are now ways to do that without being charged a small fortune? You'll be glad to know that there are! So the next time you go on holiday, make sure you've read these amazing ways to make free international calls!


WhatsApp is an easy to use mobile phone app which lets you connect with loved ones via the internet. You can send messages as well as make phone calls. You can also video chat. WhatsApp works via your Wi-Fi or you can run it with your mobile data. Ideally to keep it free you'll be able to get on some free Wi-Fi somewhere before you make the call but if you have a data plan which includes unlimited internet, you'll be able to use WhatsApp with no extra charges. You can contact anyone else who has downloaded the app in the same way you would make a phone call. Just make sure Mum & Dad have downloaded the app before you head jet setting. 


FaceTime offers video chat just like WhatsApp can, but is solely available on Apple devices. If you have an iPhone you can FaceTime other Apple users to have some face to face video conversation. iPhone users around the world can ring one another without having to download the app as it now comes preinstalled on the devices. Again, you'll need Wi-Fi or data to make these calls but if you can get online for free you won't pay anything for the services. If you've been away for a couple of months and just want to see a loved ones face, this one is for you. 

Facebook Messenger 

A lot of people have Facebook these days and as well as sending messages via the Facebook Messenger app, you can also connect via voice call and video chat. This is a great way to connect with your loved ones as you can actually see if they are online before calling. You might even see someone else is online in the middle of the night and see if they fancy a catch up. When you're in different time zones this could be great as you don't want to wake someone up when they're catching up on their beauty sleep!

make free international calls


If you have a laptop of manage to find a computer whilst travelling abroad, there is a great way to make free international calls. Use PopTox to give your friends and family a ring. It provides free internet calls from your web browser. Without having to download an app, plug in or input payment details, you just go to the website, select your destination country that you wish to call and type in the number. When you press call you'll be promoted to let PopVox access your microphone and then the call will go through. Sounds awesome! You'll be able to chat to your siblings or grandparents with no fuss. There is a way to donate to PopVox so they can continue to provide free calls. 


Similar to PopVox, Viber is filled with extra features. You access Viber via your computer and simply go to their website in order to start making internet based calls. You can make free international calls and much more. Voice and video calls are standard but you can add more people for a group chat. Ideal if the people you want to speak to aren't in the same place at the same time. Mum and Dad could be at work on their lunch break, for example, when you're able to call them due to the time difference. You can send stickers and GIFs and also sync your calls between your desktop and your mobile phone with just one tap to transfer the call. 


Skype is perhaps the internet based calling option we have all known and loved for the longest, Whilst these new kids on the block offer new tech and features, Skype is nice and traditional but has kept up and evolved. You can use Skype to voice and video chat via your mobile, laptop, tablet, smartwatch and even your Xbox. You can run conference calls via Skype as well as informal group chats. Skype are adding new features all the time and you might just want all the potential fuss. Sometimes you just want to call a friend.

Free Calls Conclusion

If you've got to this point and are still looking for other ways to make free international calls, take a look at Rebtel, IMO, LINE, Tango and others. There are lots of competing apps and ways for you to stay in touch. At the end of the day, it doesn't really matter which one you use as long as the connection is good and both you and the person you're calling has access. Once you see their face or hear their voice, it won't matter which app you opened to make your call. 

As you can see, there are loads of potential options for you to use to make free international calls. You might even be sat here in the UK and want to call someone in the USA or Japan. Maybe you have loved one who have moved to Africa or New Zealand and want to talk to them regularly. Maybe you simply don't have a landline anymore and want a free way to talk to family members here in the UK. You don't have to be abroad to use these! Seeing a loved ones face whilst you're travelling and maybe missing a little bit of home helps keep that adventure in your heart. Go travel, explore the world and make sure you can call home for free when you need.

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