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How To Claim For Train Delay Repay

Are you looking to file a train delay repay?

I'll walk you through the simple process that can see you get a full 100% refund on your return ticket even if your journey was only delayed one way.

I've recently come back from a trip to Glasgow. I visited the city on business and decided to travel by train so Helen could still have the car whilst I was gone.

Pro Tip: I managed to save some money booking my train tickets by using the split ticket system.

My outbound trip went according to plan, however coming back home wasn't as smooth sailing. My train was cancelled and the track had been closed with no set re-opening time.

I opted to take an alternate route and ended up coming home and claiming a refund for train delays.

I unexpectedly received £57 for my troubles. This was much more than I was expecting.

It inspired me to go on and create this step by step guide as to how you too can claim a refund for train delays and cancellations.

My Compensation

I had previously heard about appeals for delays to flights. What I didn't know is that the same claim appeal works on the National Rail service too.

All I needed to do to file my claim and potentially receive my compensation was to fill out a short form honestly. Less than 48 hours later I received an email response.

I answered a few more questions about the action I took following the delay.

Following that the Cross Country service I travelled with found the inconvenience enough to issue me with a refund for almost £57 (the entire cost of the return part of my journey).

Just one week later the email a cheque dropped through the letterbox for £57.

I dropped the cheque in at the bank and just like that I'd been given £57 thanks to a two-hour inconvenience that's almost £30 an hour… (we'll call it £25 by the time I'd filed the form)

Tips For Claiming

If you think you've got a claim then there are a few important things you're going to need to know;

Be sure to keep all of your train tickets. You may be asked to provide proof that you had a ticket to travel etc. Be honest. The service can check to see if what you're saying is true.

Be polite. Remember it's not the person who's reading your message's fault. These things happen and being difficult about it isn't going to get you very far.

Be accurate. This follows being honest, but try and get timings and details as accurate as you can.

If you're getting on a train which is already delayed make a note of it. If you don't have a note reference, someone you were texting or calling at the time.

I do hope in the future you don't face an interrupted train travel experience.

However, if you do I hope this guide to train delay repay will help compensate you for the inconvenience caused.

If this post has been helpful, or if you use the information I have provided I'd really appreciate your feedback in the comments

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