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How To Become MOT Tester

Are you looking for a new job opportunity? Has your work been affected by the global pandemic, or perhaps Brexit? Is there simply no requirement for your work and services anymore? It might be time to look in a new area of business which people still need. There was an MOT extension due to the coronavirus pandemic however that has long since ended. People need their cars on the road and have to put their vehicles through an MOT each year. With that in mind, could the world of MOTs be a potential lifeline and allow you to pay your bills? It's a service that is never going to stop being needed. How to become MOT tester? Let's have a look!

how to become mot tester

What Is An MOT?

An MOT test is something that is required annually for vehicles over three years old. The test checks the roadworthiness, safety and also the emissions of the vehicle. There are many checks taken on your vehicle, from the brakes to the lights, the wipers and the exhaust. It is an important and legal test to keep your vehicle on the road. If you do not have an MOT and still drive your vehicle, you are breaking the law which is punishable. It's a fixed £60 penalty notice, with a fine which could be up to £1000. You will also received 6-8 penalty points on your driving licence. This could affect your financial situation and if you need your licence for work, maybe even your job! When you consider that an MOT usually costs less than £50, is it worth not putting your vehicle through it every year? You're ensuring the safety of yourself and other road users whilst upkeeping the law.

Vehicles over 40 years old do not require an MOT however owners usually put them through a service to ensure they are roadworthy and safe.

Your Eligibility

If this sounds like the business you want to get into, before you become an MOT tester you need to check your eligibility. This includes having no unspent convictions for criminal offences and having a full and current UK driving licence for the vehicle class you wish to test. You must also have experience, a minimum of four years, as a skilled mechanic on the types of vehicles you’re going to test. The Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency will also decide if you are ‘of good repute' in your suitability to become an MOT tester. If you are looking for further your testing to become a class 3 or 5 MOT tester, you must have your level 2 certificate and the have successfully completed an MOT demonstration test. In order to test class 3, 4, 5 or 7 vehicles (cars, private buses and light commercial vehicles) you must have an accepted qualification or accreditation.

Take A Course

You must take and successfully complete an MOT tester qualification. The test covers practical training as well as theory and has five parts to it. From safe working practices to working relationships and pre-test checks. This course lasts 29 hours and a minimum of 8 hours will be practical training. You must complete both a practical assessment and a multiple choice test in order to successfully complete the course. 

Demonstration Test

Next on the list of how to become MOT tester is a demonstration test. You do not have to pay to take this test. It can be taken at the training centre where you took the qualification course or at an MOT testing station you're working at. Before booking the test, which you can do online, be sure you are confident with every part of it. From your inspection routine to watching an experienced tester at work. 

For your test you need to take with you a vehicle that is at least 3 years old. This is what you will be tested on. You'll also need your driving licence and your level 2 MOT testing award certificate. If you do not have these things your test will simply be cancelled. For the test, a DVSA examiner will ask you to carry out the demonstration test, answer questions about the MOT and also record the result in practice version of the MOT testing service. Once you pass, you'll be able to undertake MOTs at the stations where you are a registered tester.

how to become mot tester

Annual Renewal

Just like an MOT, you are required to take an assessment every year. This is your responsibility. You'll need to plan training, undertake training and keep a record of said training, with evidence. You'll also have to book and take your annual assessment. This helps you stay at the top of your game and ensure that your MOT tests are of the highest quality. 

Set Up An MOT Test Station

If you cannot find a job or fancy being your own boss, you may consider setting up an MOT test station of your own. In order to do this, you must meet a number of legal requirements. You will also need a suitable and appropriate place to do your MOT tests and have an authorised examiner. If this is what you are planning on doing you need to make sure you set it up, by the book.

How to become MOT tester has may steps in place because it is such an important and integral job. Checking vehicles that people are driving along busy roads needs to be done properly. With that though, there are hundreds of thousands of cars and vehicles on our roads, all needing valid MOT certificates every year. 15 or 20 MOTs every week can be a profitable business!

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