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Best Budget Cookbooks – Guaranteed To Save You Money In The Kitchen

Are you looking for the best budget cookbooks as inspiration on how to save money on meals while still eating a range of great-tasting dishes?

While this list is with our UK audience in mind, the majority of these cookbooks are available to buy internationally using the links provided so wherever in the world you are, you can benefit from budget-friendly meals.

I first created this list of frugal cookbooks back in early 2017.

Since then, you guys have been emailing me, tweeting me and Facebook messaging me with books about cooking to share with other readers of The Mini Millionaire.

While this list is up to date at the time of writing, there are new budget-friendly cookbooks being released all the time.

So, if you think I’ve missed one feel free to contact me directly.

A Girl Called Jack: 100 Delicious Budget Recipes

Released in 2014, this book is by no means new to the market. However, since discovering Jack in 2015, this book has been my go-to. I love Jack and everything she stands for. 

Recipes include Vegetable Masala Curry for 30p a portion, Pasta Alla Genovese for 19p a portion, Fig, Rosemary and Lemon Bread for 26p and a Jam Sponge reminiscent of school days for 23p a portion.

One Pound Meals: Delicious Food for Less

With his debut cookbook launching a little over a month ago Miguel Barclay is another internet sensation who’s taking the world by storm with his delicious meals that cost less than £1 per person.

What I love about this frugal cookbook is how simple and straightforward the recipes are. With favourites such as meatball marinara, chicken katsu curry, lamb moussaka and aubergine dal.

This cookbook is absolutely ideal if you’re living on your own. Each recipe is designed for one person helping you to minimise waste and reuse the same ingredients in different ways.

Eat Well for Less

Written by the guys behind the fantastic BBC TV show of the same name, this cookbook features 80 delicious recipes. However, it’s so much more than just a frugal cookbook.

Instead, it’s designed to help you create nutritious dishes for your family whilst spending less on your supermarket shop.

That’s not all. The book comes complete with a meal-planning guide, a family budget planner, kids cooking ideas and help on freezing and storing food.

It teaches you how to love your leftovers and make savvy swaps by adding more fruit and veg into your diet without spending any extra time in the kitchen.

With tasty food, sample shopping lists and practical tips from Gregg, Chris and the experts from the hit BBC show, this is your essential guide to eating well for less.

Save with Jamie: Shop Smart, Cook Clever, Waste Less

Despite being more than four years old, this book is still a consistent Amazon bestseller. It has over 1,100 reviews and it’s easy to see why.

I’m usually one to steer away from mainstream chefs such as Jamie Oliver who have unrealistic expectations of our household food budget however, this book is different.

I put the reason behind this being that it was released at the peak of the financial crisis. People needed information on how to cook tasty, nutritious food on a budget.

So Jamie shared his knowledge and cooking skills enabling us all to make better choices.

Demonstrating how to buy economically and efficiently. As well as how to get the most from our ingredients, save time and prevent food waste.

The Savvy Shopper’s Cookbook

Amy Sheppard titles herself as a food-loving mum of two boys. Her first book, The Savy Shopper’s Cookbook has been written with busy families in mind.

With ingredients based on supplies from discount supermarkets. You’ll be able to cook up simple and healthy meals that don’t cost the earth.

Tiny Budget Cooking

The Tiny Budget Cooking book has been written by Limahl Asmall. Unlike some of the other more traditional frugal cookbooks on this list.

Tiny Budget Cooking has weekly meal plans with price-checked shopping lists alongside the traditional and super delicious recipes.

Family Feasts For A Fiver

I don’t watch mainstream TV since we stopped our TV licence so I had to idea that ITV had launched a new budget cooking show featuring chef Matt Tebbutt and mum-of-three Susanna Reid.

The accompanying frugal cookbook to the show, Family Feats For A Fiver is designed to walk you through the process of how you can cut your food bills while still enjoying super hearty, delicious home-cooked food.

Having not seen the TV show (I don’t have a TV licence so I’m unable to watch) I never realised, however, some readers got in touch to say that not all the recipes shown in the TV show are featured in the book – which does seem like a shame.

5 Ingredients

The one name that comes up twice on this list of frugal cookbooks should come as no surprise as being Britain’s most famous chef, Jamie Oliver.

Late 2017, Jamie released a new frugal cookbook focusing on creating great meals with just five ingredients inspired by his show featured on channel 4.

15 Minute Vegan On A Budget

15 Minute Vegan On A Budget by Katy Beskow features 100 recipes for those who want to create fast and delicious vegan food without the price tag that is so often associated with vegan cooking.

All of the ingredients featured in this budget cookbook can be purchased in supermarkets and every recipe is ready in 15 minutes or less.

Eat, Shop, Save

The Eat, Shop, Save cookbook is a tie-in to the ITV show by the same name and features more than 80 budget-friendly recipes.

The focus of the book is based on real-life getting in the way of the good intentions many of us have to create healthy, budget-friendly meals.

So, the meals have been designed to be both affordable, quick and easy with a delicious facelift on some of the more traditional meals you might have once been bored of.

What I love about this cookbook, is it’s more than just a cookbook. It’s a tool that covers everything surrounding planning, preparing and shopping for our food along with the end result.

True budget cooks know it’s about more than just the meals, it’s about the ingredients we buy, reducing waste and planning meals accordingly.

Good and Cheap

New York Times Best Seller, Good and Cheap has been designed around those living on the U.S. Food Stamp allowance of $4.00 a day.

Filled with delicious, healthy recipes including Spicy Pulled Pork to Barley Risotto with Peas, and from Chorizo and White Bean Ragù to Vegetable Jambalaya.

This 100 recipe cookbook is designed to help you maximise every ingredient and teach you economical cooking methods.

The cookbook is designed for those $4 a day budgets, so you’ll see basic ingredients that you can get from all supermarkets and grocery stores and affordable kitchen equipment that you probably already have at home.

Plant-Based On A Budget

Plant-Based On A Budget by Toni Okamoto, is a fantastic read for those worried about how they’ll afford to adapt to a plant-based / vegan lifestyle.

Toni’s guidance doesn’t just help you save money—it helps you save time, too. Every recipe in this book can be completed in around 30 minutes.

The Savvy Cook

The Savvy Cook hosts more than 160 incredible recipes, including a whole host of clever alternatives to meat and giving last-night’s leftovers a makeover.

Author, Izy shares her favourite recipes that will make cooking easy for the new cook operating on a tight budget and busy schedule.

That’s it. Our complete list of the very best frugal cookbooks on the market right now. I’m sure you’ll agree that there really is a cookbook here for everyone.

However, if you have heard of a cookbook that you believe should feature on this list then please, drop us an email, tweet us or send us a Facebook message.

We’re always looking to add resources to this list to ensure everyone has access to the very best frugal cookbooks on the market.

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