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Easy Jobs You Could Start In 2021

Are you looking for a new challenge this year? Maybe the job you were in previously has ran it's course or you don't feel fulfilled in the role you are currently in? Maybe the state of the world is making you look at how you really want to spend your days and how you want to earn your salary. With more people than ever people looking for a change in career, let's have a look at some easy jobs you could start in 2021. You never know, you might find the role you've been searching for!

easy jobs

Dog Walking

Perhaps one of the best roles on our list of easy jobs is dog walking. If you love four legged friends, you'll spend every day with them. Getting to know your client's dogs will be fulfilling, taking away one of the stresses of dog ownership for people, whilst getting paid. Many people have dogs but simply don't have the time to walk them every day. This could be due to work commitments or other life events going on. You could offer group walks, or maybe solo walks for dogs who perhaps don't like being around others. You even even extend your services to pet sitting when families are away for long weekends or holidays. Get out into the fresh air and enjoy walking some dogs for a living.

House Sitter

In the same vein as people being away for long weekends or holidays, have you ever thought about house sitting? Some home owners have huge commitments in their work life and that requires them to travel for large portions of the year. Obviously when that happens, their house is empty and there is a certain worry about burglars breaking in. The job of a house sitter it to live in the home, deterring potential burglars and even watering some house plants. This could be a great way to save money on rent for a portion of the year whilst also getting paid! The perfect addition to our list of easy jobs.

Virtual Assistant

We've written about virtual assistant jobs before, but they are fantastic! You can pick your own clients, work your own hours, fit in your schedule around your life commitments and childcare. You could be doing data entry, diary management or organising travel for your clients. It could be one off jobs or longer contracts for you to offer support to businesses and individual entrepreneurs. If you have a laptop, broadband connection and a mobile phone, you could do this job from anywhere in the world, for clients in multiple countries.

Toll Booth Attendant

Could there be a more straightforward role than a toll booth attendant? While some of these are no automatic, there are others which still have manned booths taking payments. You'll be taking money and lifting the barrier from your toll booth. Sounds fairly easy and straightforward to us! It's a customer facing role so you need to b professional, even if they're being awkward of complaining about the cost. There might be occasions where you have to fix 

Massage Therapist

This one might be hard on your body but we've included it on our list of easy jobs because you can pick your own hours. You'll need some qualification and professional training in order to offer massage therapy but the rewards you can get are fantastic. Not only financially! You'll see the change in people as you provide relief and reduce their stress levels. Getting people to relax is a great way to earn a living and you can physically impact their health with your healing hands. Choose your own hours, set your own prices and you could even work from home if you have the space to dedicate to your passion.

easy jobs

Personal Trainer

Plenty of people want to get fit, be more healthy and find ways to lose weight. If you have experience in this area, this could be an easy job for you to step into. You'll likely need some basic qualifications but your services can easily sell themselves. You might choose to hire a room in a gym or have your own premises but it's just as easy to provide workouts in your local park. That will mean less overheads for you! Word of mouth is a huge marketing tool when you are a personal trainer because people believe in people, not online ads. 


If you have the knowledge and skill, there are people willing to pay you to share it with them. Many students fall behind at school or simply don't understand some subjects. That is where a private tutor can come in, in person or over video chat, helping them with their work. Looking at work in a different way and offering solutions to problems can help pupils excel. In maths, science, English literature and more!

You could also help people learn English as a second language. Video chat is your friend in this instance as you can work with anyone on the face of the planet, as long as you can both connect to the internet. Perhaps connecting to the internet is a problem for some people, particularly the older generation. How about offering technical tutoring? Get people online, show them how to send an email, start a video chat or even order their groceries online.

Delivery Driver

Next on our list of easy jobs is a delivery driver. This could be a full time role driving a lorry. A part time job delivering from Amazon. Maybe a weekend role delivering pizzas for your local takeaway. Whilst there will be driving, delivering and talking to customers, you'll spend most of the time by yourself. That means you can listen to the music you like, enjoy driving in different places and sometimes pick your own hours. Perhaps a great easy job to earn you could income? There are more people than ever ordering items online. You can help deliver them the products they want!

As you can see, there are lots of easy jobs for you to try this year. Which will you opt for? If it's time to change you career, pick one of the roles off our list. 

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