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Cheap Party Bag Fillers For Kids Parties

Kids parties are often expensive, and that's before the dreaded party bags.

Not only do many of us struggle for ideas for party bag fillers, but we also struggle to find cheap party bag fillers to enable you to keep the party under budget.

In this post, I'll be sharing loads of ideas for party bag fillers that are super budget-friendly.

So you can focus on having a wonderful party, instead of worrying about the cost.

Play-Doh Party Bag

Play-Doh is a well-known family, friendly brand. Depending on the party size you might need one or two of these bags of 15 small Play-Doh tubs.


Bubbles are a classic party bag filler, and better yet they are cheap. Below you can pick up 24 bottles, which should be enough for an entire kids party.


What kid doesn't love stickers? With more than 40 sheets of 3D stickers, you'll be able to give each child a vast number of stickers in their party bag without spending a lot of money.

Different designs are available, so you can mix it up depending on the age or theme of the party.

Bouncy Ball

Another cheap party bag filler classic is the bouncy ball, these simple balls that bounce all over the place send kids wild and are super affordable. You can buy them in bulk online for your kid's party.


Crayons are a fantastic cheap party bag filler idea, that's super practical and can be used by guests long after the party has finished. You can get budget crayons in bulk in stores or online.

Click & Catch Game

I used to love playing these as a kid, and I'm so glad they are still around for kids today to enjoy. This simple and basic solo player game is super affordable making it perfect for kids party bags.

Monkey String Ball

I'd always known about these toys, but never actually knew what they were called. Turns out, they're known as monkey string balls and they are a perfect toy for kids party bags.


Kids keychains are again a super practical, fun and budget-friendly party bag idea.

You can buy specific keychains in bulk to reflect the age of your guests or the theme of the kid's party.

Colouring Book

A great addition to some crayons or colouring pencils is a fantastic colouring book.

You can buy these in bulk online and they are super cheap, making them perfect for party bags.

Slinky Springs

These classic toys are still as fascinating today as they were fifty years ago, and better yet, they are a super affordable party bag filler for your kid's party.

If you want to stretch the party bag filler budget a little further you can get licenced character designs too.

Have you any other cheap party bag filler ideas for kids parties? Let us know in the comments below!

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