What’s It Like To Live With Your Parents Aged 25?

My girlfriend Helen and I have been back from our European adventures for a little over a month. In order to proceed with our digital nomad dreams we sold the vast majority of what we owned including our car, our house and even one of my businesses.It shouldn't come as a surprise for most adults

25 Things I’ve Learnt In 25 Years

It's one week until I turn 25, and yet I still remember the days where I dreamt about being old enough to drive my own car, or what would happen if I failed my GCSE's. I never understood people who said "Time flies", but now I finally get it as I sit here contemplating where the

4 Reasons You Need To Be Networking

So we've recently spoken about How To Network, but what's the point? Is there really any benefit. I'm not just going to tell you - Yes! Instead I'm going to list what I believe to be the four key benefits of networking. Whether you're an intern, a CEO, a company director... Everyone should be networking! 1.

What Would You Do If You Won The Lottery?

It's one of those dreams right? Winning the lottery... I think at one point or another we all imagine what it must be like.My grandparents bought a lottery ticket ever single week religiously, however I've never really been a big lottery player. So when Lottoland got in touch and asked me what I thought of

How To Network Effectively

During my short stint in the corporate world I've had it drilled into me. Network, Network, Network. At the time I was 19 so forgive me for not taking the whole topic oh so seriously. In fact, it was only when I moved out of the corporate world, past my job as a director and

Why I Became A Minimalist

The day I turned 16 I got a job at a local well known bakery and pasty makers in England. While there I developed a friendship with a guy named Ryan. Almost a decade on we're still great friends. I remember visiting his house where he lived with his mum and step-father one time and I'd

30 UK Based Personal Finance Blogs You NEED To Follow!

Today I'm sharing my favourite UK Based Personal Finance Blogs. Now it goes without saying that I cover A LOT of personal finance topics on this blog right here. However, I can't cover them all, this list below comprises of every personal finance niche you can imagine.Which means if there really is something you can't

How To Say No

Do you often find yourself agreeing to things at home or at work that you simply don't have the energy, time or mental capacity to take on?Until recently I found myself helping everyone. I'd try and do everything. Please everyone. An unsurprisingly in the end, everyone was happy - except me!That was at least until I