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Best things to resell on eBay for profit

How often do you browse items to potentially buy on eBay? Did you know that there are 187 million users of eBay, worldwide? That's a lot of buying and sell going on. 80% of sales on eBay are for new goods, leaving the other 20% for second hand and used items. If you have thought about selling on eBay, grabbing a slice of those profits, what should you focus on selling? Let's have a look at the best things to resell on eBay for profit. You could also get profit faster when you get car title loans.

best things to resell on ebay

How to get the motivation to sell on eBay

What Is eBay?

eBay is an online shopping site platform where buyers can purchase goods and sellers can sell items. Businesses can be operated through eBay, sell brand new items, but similarly, the average Joe in the street can have an account and sell their belongings. Sales can take place via auction, with the higher bidder winning, or simple consumer to consumer sales. eBay is one of the success stories of the dot com bubble and it has grown worldwide. Users can buy and sell via their computer or on the smartphone app.

Top Selling Categories

Before we get into the best things to resell on eBay for profit, it's worth looking at the categories that most of the sales on the platform come from. Over 16% of sales fall into the Electronics & Accessories category, making it the top selling product category. This is the area most searched by eBay users. Almost half of all sales have some sort of Bluetooth connectivity, showing trends of the desire for wireless. Completing the top five best selling product categories is Automotive, Health & Beauty, Sports & Outdoors and of course, the very popular Clothing & Accessories category. Whilst these categories are popular, they are obviously very well populated and in many ways saturated. It is no good just slinging items into those categories and expecting them to produce sales. Look closer at the best things to resell on eBay that will actually turn you a profit upon sale. 

Flipping Individual Items For Profit

Whilst a lot of the things bought on eBay are new, which is great and you can certainly tap into that market by purchasing new products on discount and selling on at their actual retail price, there is still a market for reselling used, second hand and old items. Let's have a look at some of the best things to resell on eBay.


eBay Auction vs Buy It Now – Which Is The Right Listing For You?

Custom Promotional Stickers and Gifts

If you're looking for low-cost, high-margin products to sell on eBay, custom stickers are a great option. The cost is controllable, and these stickers have the nature of bulk ordering and promotion. So the corresponding niche market is very wide, suitable for B2B and B2C. 

From custom stickers, pens, to custom pins, coins, patches, lanyards, keychains, coasters, wristbands, and more-you have the opportunity to earn income by selling a variety of products you trust in your store. is a professional manufacturer of custom promotional gifts, with high quality and low price, 24-hours service, and free air shipping, you can try to contact them to know more.

Collectible Toys

Firstly, toys can turn a great profit on eBay, if you have the right items. Things that are no longer available to purchase become extremely valuable. Lego sets which are discontinued can be worth a lot of money and bundle of bricks can bring in plenty of cash too. So often you will see toys at yard sales or in charity shops that have been placed on a shelf with other items for a low price. These can be picked up and sold on at a profit. Look out for toys from movie franchises such as Star Wars as well as retro toys from the 1970s and 1980s. Collectors are always on the look out for something they don't have to put into their collection and you could turn a profit of £100+ depending on what you buy.

Branded Clothes

People love their clothes and accessories and selling branded clothes on eBay is very popular. You might be able to find cheap items at thrift stores which you can then sell on at a huge profit. Within the rails of dull and dated items, you might find a piece of clothing that you can sell on for massive amounts of money. Look out for popular brands and outfits that are no longer available to purchase. You need to keep an eye out for the best stuff including designer labels and vintage clothing. Make sure to pick up items which are BNWT (brand new with tag) as well as kids clothing, maternity wear and branded jeans. 

video games

Video Games

Video games are extremely popular and are one of the best things to resell on eBay. Particularly retro gaming. Consoles that are no longer available and games which have been discontinued. Keep an eye out for Atari, NES and things like N64 games. If they are brand new in the box, even better, but just coming with the box and inner leaflet can raise the amount you can earn. With so many new games being made, many people are looking for a throwback to the days of vintage gaming

Vintage Electronics

The word vintage continues into our next items with vintage electronics. Again, items which are no longer made but have appeal. Search on eBay for what is selling well but items you should keep an eye out for include Walkmans, eight-track players and record players. Again, there is a throwback generation wanting to hold onto the ‘good old days' and will pay a premium for it.


Ink Cartridges

Next on our list of best things to resell on eBay is ink cartridges. No one likes running out for ink or toner because you know they come with a massive price tag. When you head to eBay you can find the cartridges you need, for a slice of the price. If you spot inks on sale, have a quick search online for how much they are selling for and you will be able to bag yourself a decent profit. People also choose third party inks which work with their brand of printer, so if you can buy these in discounted bulk, you could sell on at a profit, whilst still offering the customer a decent price.


Finally, shoes are exceptionally sought after on eBay. If you find popular brands on discount, you can sell them online for a great profit, especially if these designs are discontinued. Even nearly new shoes can sell for a good price. There are trainers that sell for thousands of pounds because they are so rare. It's worth looking at shops going out of business and discount retailers. You might find items you can sell on at a profit.

Don't Forget About Fees

When you are selling on eBay you ned to remember that there are fees to take into account. If you forget about these fees you might eat into your profit. Make mistakes with pricing and you might not make any profit at all. No one wants to part with items and pay for the pleasure of doing do. If you are selling, you want to make money, turn a profit. Think about listing fees, selling fees and if you are accepting payment via PayPal, those fees to. Be sure that the amount you charge for postage actually covers the cost. Keep an eye on price changes throughout the process. Ensure that the price you charge is going to give your money in the bank.

Now we've looked in more detail at some of the best things to resell on eBay, what are you going to look out for to list on the site? Maybe you can start with some items you already own? Perhaps you know of a nearby shop that always has reductions on toner cartridges? Find items that you can flip on eBay to give you some extra money. Whether you do this once in a while, as a part time hobby for extra cash or decide it's a full time business for you. In conclusion, you really can make money selling on eBay.

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