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Appreciating your home during lockup

AD – This is a collaborative post

Since the 23rd of March we have been in the unprecedented situation of a country in lockdown. Anyone who doesn't work in one of the key worker positions is to isolate. Only being allowed out for exercise and essentials. This has been an incredible struggle for many people as after all we are not used to such forced isolation.

Working from home

Some people have been really fortunate in that they have been able to work from home during this period. Many have had to rely on the furrlows granted by the government during this period. This means they have managed to maintain a steady income.

This is a boat I feel I am fortunate to be in. I think that I would have gone a little bit stir crazy without having the similar feeling routine to normal. 

DIY Projects

Like many other people within the country we thought that since we will be home more and less busy, let's sort out the house! 

Decorating, redecorating, renovating, gardening or anything else you could think of to improve your home. As a nation everyone has been super into it over the lockdown.

We really appreciate and love our home but there are so many little jobs that we have wanted to do. We just never really got around to doing them such as painting, installing sash windows, redoing the kitchen and hanging up new artwork.

Since so many other people in the country had the same idea as us though, it has proven difficult to get hold of all that we needed and wanted for the projects. 

We also have some big plans for our garden. We have already planted and are gaining many strawberries.


Raised flower beds, solar powered lights and cleaning up the patio are all high on the list of what we want to accomplish. 

Making Extra Money

All this DIY will need money though. Thankfully there are still plenty of opportunities online in which to make extra money. This is great for those that are struggling.

I have continued doing these regularly during the lockdown.

Firstly there are receipt apps on your smartphone like Shoppix and Receipt Hog, where you can take photos of your receipt and earn money or Amazon gift cards. Shoppix has also started to accept online receipts to help people to still earn in the current lockdown climate.

Airtime Rewards will generate credit to use against your mobile phone bill so is a great one to use to help save you some money. Just link your main spending cards to the app and everytime you spend at certain places then the credit will be automatically added.

There are also plenty of survey apps for your smartphone and online sites. My favourite site for doing surveys on has to be Prolific Academic. As once you have filled out all the information it will only direct to you surveys that you won't be screened out of which is a massive time saver. They also have been the easiest survey site I have found to reach the payout threshold.

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