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Why Are Diptyque Candles So Expensive? – Are These $65 Candles Worth It?

Off the back of my post a couple of years ago now about Yankee candles I’ve received a number of emails asking me to talk about Diptyque candles, specifically “why are Diptyque candles so expensive”

An rightly so, Diptyque company offer a range of luxury fragrances, body care and candles that cost an incredible amount of money.

In fact, the standard candle from Diptyque retails for $65 – so, if you thought Yankee candles were expensive, think again!

In this post, I wanted to specifically look at the Diptyque brands candle products to evaluate whether they are truly worth their luxury price tag.

Why Are Diptyque Candles So Expensive?

The CEO of Diptyque, Fabienne Mauny, is aware that consumers scoff at the price tag of Diptyque candles and other Diptyque products.

However, she says that they are worth every penny – but doesn’t the CEO of every major company.

However, in this case, she may just be right.

The Diptyque company is relatively new having been founded in 1961 by three friends Christiane Gautrot, Desmond Knox-Leet, and Yves Coueslant in France it was bought by a British private equity firm in 2005.

An while there were multiple products made from the Diptyque brand, it’s the candles that were the most successful, and continue to be the leading product for the company today.

The candles which include names such as Figuier, Feu de Bois, and Feuille de Lavande are all in French and roughly translate in English to the scents. However, even then these scents are made to sound luxurious and high end.

However, it’s not just the name of the candles and the allure of a French product that make Diptyque candles both expensive and appealing.

It’s also the manufacture of the candle itself.

The manufacture of the candles is done manually and production can only be done in small batches.

Each of the candle wicks is straightened and adjusted by hand to ensure they burn correctly.

All of this time and care adds to the final price tag of the product.

Then, of course, there is the buying experience. The stores in which Diptyque candles are sold in are chosen to reflect the brand’s target audience.

The products are sold in a limited number of stores specifically to further add to the allure of a candle which is ‘hard to find’.

Where To Buy Diptyque Candles

If you’re convinced that the candle is worth the money, you’ll probably be looking at where you can buy one.

In which case, Diptyque have a flagship boutique in Paris where you can buy the Diptyque candles and other Diptyque products in person.

However, unless you are visiting the City of Lights, you will need to find them elsewhere.

Diptype candles are sold in Amazon, Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Space NK, John Lewis, and also a scattering of boutiques around the world.

They are located in the UK, the US, Spain, the UAE, and many other countries. With their website keeping an up-to-date list of supplier locations.

How To Save On Diptquie Candles

Considering the high prices of Diptyque candles, you will naturally look at ways to save on them.

However, it’s rare that these candles ever go on sale with the suppliers due to the demand.

Depending on the retailer you may be able to claim loyalty points or use a cashback credit card to claim some rewards from the purchase.

Once purchased, I recommend taking due care of your Diptyque candle in order to extend its life.

You can do this by allowing the entire surface of the candle to melt before blowing it out and trimming the wick to about half of a centimetre which will help it to burn longer without soot.

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