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Advent Competitions – How To Prepare, How To Enter & How To Win!

Advent competitions are known as the competitions that take place by the same company, in the same location every day during advent (December 1st often finishing on December 24th)

Many marketing budgets finish at the end of December, so creating an advent competition is a great time for companies to spend the remainder of their budget while creating brand awareness at the time in which people spend the most money.

In the UK alone, you'll often find 100 advent competitions to enter daily, that's before any additional stand-alone competitions. In this guide, I'll be explaining how to ensure you're able to maximise your time, and hopefully your wins during the best time of the year for comping!

Ensure You've Entered All The StandAlone Competitions

I always start the advent competition season by entering all the stand-alone competitions currently available for December.

I'll often do this in the last week of November allowing me to free up any spare comping time to use solely on advent competitions.

For more advice on how to enter competitions visit my detailed guide.

Of course, there are likely to be some stand-alone competitions that come up during the month of December, however having already entered the majority, the amount of time required to complete all the ones I'm interested in is much shorter than usual.

Stick To Your Wish List

It's so easy to get carried away during the advent calendar competition season and enter any and all competitions you find.

However, in reality some of these prizes can be either pretty rubbish or totally irrelevant (miles away from where you live, not something of interest, not something you can use due to an allergy for example)

So be sure to have a wishlist already set, and only enter competitions that you actually want to win. I found that this cut down the number of competitions I was entering, and the amount of time I was spending entering competitions significantly.

Clear Out Your Emails In Advance

I mentioned during the introduction that December is the time we consumers spend the most money. With every retailer competiting for your attention, you're likely to see a significant rise in the number of marketing emails you receive.

I, therefore, recommend taking an hour in November to clear out your subscriptions and opt-ins to any mailing lists you no longer require.

It's important that you can quickly and easily spot an email telling you you're a winner! and minimise the risk of you accidentally deleting or missing the email all together due to the excessive SPAM emails.

Have Your Social Media Accounts Ready

A large number of advent competitions take place on social media, so I always use the last week of November to sort through my social media accounts and ensure they are advent competition ready.

My checklist includes;

  • Marking all messages as read
  • Checking all filtered inboxes
  • Setting a Christmas themed profile picture
  • Deleting any unwanted groups, pages, followers etc.

If you're aware that a company is going to be running an advent competition in advance, you can always go ahead and follow them in advance so you're ready to enter.

There's a whole host of things I do to get my social media accounts ready, but ultimately it's about ensuring you can find competitions easily, enter them efficiently and view the competition winners with minimal distraction and interference.

Organise Your Photos

Adding a photo to a competition entry might not always be compulsory but it sure adds a great amount of personalisation.

I have a folder set with a number of Christmas photos from years gone by that I can quickly and easily access and include in an entry where relevant or required.

If you don't have any photos available, then consider getting ready for Christmas a little early and doing a Christmas / Winter photo shoot. Ideas include;

  • Photos of the Christmas tree
  • Photos of Christmas cards
  • Photos of pets dressed up for Christmas
  • Photos of the family dressed up for Christmas
  • Photo of unwrapping presents
  • Photos of Christmas crafts

Get Familiar With The Prizes & T&Cs

I mentioned earlier in the post about only entering competitions for prizes you'd like to win. An in many cases you'll probably be able to see the prize for the rest of the advent competitions in advance.

That way when going through your list of advent competitions on the 1st of December you should be able to decide what websites / social media pages you'd like to come back to daily.

You can then bookmark those pages for a personalised list to be accessed easily.

Be sure to check through the T&C's of your favourite competition entry sites during advent season to ensure you're eligible for the prize(s) if you win, or when the prizes are going to be drawn / how the winner is going to be informed. So you can be aware of what to look out for when finding out if you're the winner.

Set Up Keyboard Shortcuts

Consider updating any auto-fill data you have. Information on how to do so can easily be found on Google i.e. “How to update auto-fill on Chrome browser

Also consider going one step further and setting keyboard shortcuts for phrases, words or sentences you'll use often during advent comping season.

For ideas and inspiration take a look on social media at last years advent competition entries and again for a guide on how to do so simply check Google i.e. “How to set up keyboard shortcuts on Mac

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