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AccelerList Review – The Amazon FBA Inventory Management Application

I first began looking for Amazon FBA inventory management software after watching the likes of Reezy Resells and Raiken Profit. However, both these guys (along with many others covering this topic) are US-based.

Therefore the software didn't work with my Amazon FBA UK account. However, one inventory management software did and that's AccelerList.

I've now been with AccelerList for over a year, and I figured it's about time I shared my opinions in an AccelerList review.

What Is AccelerList

Accelerlist is an Amazon FBA listing and inventory management software system that works for UK, USA and CA Amazon FBA accounts.

It's designed off the back of an API supplied by Amazon FBA and helps you insert products into your shipment at a much faster rate when compared to the standard Amazon Seller Central platform.

Use the power of Accelerlist's data to accurately price your items based on the current market. Then instantly see your profit as a result of selling the item on Amazon FBA at that price.

Get an instant overview of your performance on the Accelerlist Business Dashboard.

All while using the data to check when you bought an item, the price you paid, condition and quantity to you can re-price accordingly.

How Does AccelerList Work

I made this detailed video to demonstrate how I use Accelerlist along with a very affordable USB barcode scanner to list a variety of items in a very short space of time.

What Are The Benefits To AccelerList

Here are my personal benefits of using AccerList. There are others, however, I don't use them (such as the link between label printers – I pay Amazon to do that instead.

– Makes adding products into an Amazon FBA shipment much quicker

– Easy to see the profit/loss of an item without having to change tabs or manually enter any additional data anywhere.

– Can use the data provided to price your item competitively against the market. Again, no need to change tabs or mess around finding the exact ASIN on Amazon.

– Can look back and see what you paid for an item when you bought it and any additional notes you choose to add without having to add everything into a separate inventory management item such as a spreadsheet. This helps to reprice old stock, and see where you can adjust pricing without losing money / while continuing to make a profit.

How Much Does AccelerList Cost

AccerList comes with a 2-week free trial. Once the trial has been completed it's either $34 a month or $340 for the year.

Currently, I pay monthly. However, I should probably change to a yearly plan and saving myself $60+ as I don't plan on using any other inventory management software anytime soon.

If you're ready to start your two weeks free trial of AccerList click the button below to get started.

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