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100+ Blogmas Post Ideas – A Bloggers Guide To Blogmas

Blogmas has been around for a few years now and seems to grow in popularity each and every year.

Blogmas starts at the beginning of December and lasts 25 days, finishing on – you guessed it, Christmas day.

Is Blogmas A Good Idea?

One of the most common questions I get about Blogmas is whether or not it's a good idea. An honest, it depends.

It depends on what your goals are for your blog.

It depends whether you think it's something you can achieve.

One thing you need to be sure of is that each and every single one of your Blogmas posts has as much love and care as any other post on your blog. Otherwise, what's the point?

If You Are Unable To Commit To Blogmas

So if you're unable to commit to creating 25 solid posts that are helpful, provide entertainment, come complete with images, alt tags, SEO, Pinterest images.

Then honestly, don't bother. Instead, stick to your regular schedule and continue to post great quality content.

If You Are Able To Commit To Blogmas

If you do have the time and the commitment to create 25 amazing Blogmas posts then yes you may be rewarded with; more page views, increase search ranking within Google etc.

Unfortunately, you're unlikely to see the results straight away. Because the majority of the posts for Blogmas are seasonal and centred around Christmas you might not even see results until the following year.

By this point Google has managed to rank your post, you're showing up in search results for relevant search terms within Google etc.

The delayed impact of results can put many bloggers off… I mean imagine writing around 5 more posts per week than your used to (whether you schedule your Blogmas posts in advance or not) only to find two weeks in that you're actually only getting the same number of page views. It's easy to see why it might be so disheartening.

Blogmas Ideas

Many people love the idea of Blogmas. However, they struggle with actually putting the idea into practice. Overwhelmed a brain once full of ideas seems to draw a blank.

For that reason, I've put together a guide to my favourite Blogmas post ideas. I've done my very best to cover every niche. So, there really should be something for everyone regardless of the style of your blog here. To make things easier I've separated them based on the theme/style of the post.


How to gift wrap awkward but common presents
Our holiday traditions
How I plan for the perfect Christmas
How to cope with the in-laws this Christmas
How to travel without the fuss this holiday season
25 Elf on the shelf ideas
My favourite Christmas songs
A tour around our home this Christmas
Top 5 Christmas films
How to avoid being an idiot at your works Christmas do
The ultimate Christmas Eve box for kids
5 of the best (and the worst) Christmas jokes
The best place to buy your Christmas tree
The best Christmas markets from around the world
The best games to play as a family this Christmas
How to discuss who to visit (and who to avoid) on Christmas day with your partner (and family)
The best Christmas advert of ‘xxxx'
Why you should volunteer on Christmas day
My festive bucket list
Christmas events in ‘xxx'
Review of Christmas plays & pantomimes
The guide to TV this Christmas (must watch shows & movies, when they are being shown + what channel)
What to do on Christmas Eve with the kids.
New years resolutions
My goals for December
Checklist for the household hosting Christmas day
The best diaries for ‘xxxx'

Christmas Fashion

Festive nail ideas
What to wear on Christmas day
The best accessories for cold weather
Top 10 ugly Christmas sweaters
Winter skincare routine
Christmas party outfit ideas
Essential outfits for the holiday season
Christmas make-up looks
Winter wardrobe essentials for her
Winter wardrobe essentials for him

Christmas Food

How to cook the perfect Christmas turkey
Our Christmas lunch menu.
What to do with left-over turkey, veg etc…
My favourite Christmas recipes
Healthy Christmas snacks
How to make a gingerbread house
How to make Christmas cookies
How to plan how much food to buy for the big day!
The best drinks to accompany your Christmas dinner
A guide to party food this holiday season
Hot chocolate recipes
Christmas day breakfast ideas.
Christmas cocktails to impress the whole family
How to ensure everything finishes cooking at the right time / same time.

Christmas Gifts

The top ‘x' gifts for entrepreneurs
‘X' gifts for teenagers that cost less than ‘X'
An avid readers gift guide.
Non-food Christmas gifts
‘X' ideas for Secret Santa
What I bought everyone for Christmas this year.
My Christmas wishlist
What to buy the person who has everything
What to buy a minimalist for Christmas
A gift guide for babies first Christmas
How to make a gift hamper / What to include in a gift hamper
The best place to buy pre-made gift hampers
What to do if the ‘must have' toy isn't available
Last minute gift ideas
The must-have toys of this year
A guide to gifts for pets this Christmas
What to give someone instead of a gift card
The best Christmas present I ever received
Stocking fillers that cost less than £5
Tips for stress-free shopping this Christmas
What to do with unwanted gift cards
When to start shopping for next Christmas?

DIY & Crafts

Awesome Christmas crafts for kids!
DIY Christmas gifts for the amateur crafter
Must have Christmas keepsakes
How to repurpose Christmas cards
A guide to homemade Christmas cards
How to make Christmas crackers at home
Homemade kids school play outfit ideas
DIY Christmas decorations / festive home decor
How to create a personalised bauble
How to design your own Christmas cards
DIY Christmas wreath

Christmas Finances

What retailers offer the best Boxing Day sales
Deals to look out for this Boxing Day
‘X' ideas on how to save money this Christmas
What to do with your unwanted Christmas gifts
How to avoid overspending this Christmas
What to do when you have no money to spend on Christmas
How to set a budget for Christmas gifts between family & friends (+ guides to ‘the talk')
What to say instead of ‘I have no money' when going to a Christmas party…
How to decide how much to spend on who this Christmas
How to track who you have bought gifts for


Blogmas is a great excuse to pump out some awesome festive content alongside your regular schedule. Take advantage of it wherever you can and maximise those search results.

I hope at least if you're unable to take part in Blogmas that you come away with a handful of Christmas / Holiday themed post ideas that you'd like to share with your audience.

As always, we'd love to see some of the posts you create. Share them with us in the comments below. In the meantime, if you have any other ideas or comments about Blogmas get in touch and let us know!

4 thoughts on “100+ Blogmas Post Ideas – A Bloggers Guide To Blogmas”

  1. I’m definitely trying Blogmas this year. I’ll try to plan the posts ahead because I’m sure something will happen and I won’t be able to write every day. 😛

    Thanks for the guide!

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