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8 Street Food Startup Ideas

Lots of us love cooking in our kitchens. Many are renowned chefs, highly regarded by our friends and family. Have you ever thought of taking your culinary skills to the next level? Rather than just cooking for your loved ones, taking your talents to the streets. Finding customers, feeding other families, making people smile. With more of us than perhaps ever before looking into working for ourselves, could a food business be on the cards for your future? Let’s have a look at some street food startup ideas.

Brilliant Breakfasts

Is there anything better to start the day than a wonderful breakfast? When you are creating a street food outlet, breakfasts are a sure fire way of getting customers. The smell of coffee and bacon in the air will attract people in from all over. Wonderful sandwiches, plenty of sauces, full plates of delicious local food. Maybe offer something a little different alongside the traditional. If you use hearty and wholesome foods the breakfasts well be well received. Ideal at festivals to combat the night before and perfect in towns and at other events as people search for that all day breakfast to satisfy their hunger. 

fish and chips

Fabulous Fish & Chips

Next on our list of street food startup ideas is fish and chips. Perhaps one of the greatest institutions of the country. Everyone loves a good portion of fish and chips, with their side of a bread roll, mushy peas or curry sauce. Plenty of salt and vinegar as well. Fish and chips is always pretty popular and the tradition is something many people will buy into. However you could offer a street food switch on what people usually expect. Consider squid or something a little bit different out of the ocean. Maybe potato wedges or sweet potato fries. Perhaps offer both to ensure you please every customer.

Elegant Fast Food Alternatives

Many high streets are filled with fast food takeaways where people can buy things they enjoy at a price they know. So street food needs to offer an alternative to that. Yes you can take on the fast food giants but replicating what they do will never work, as you’ll have to charge more having bigger overheads. What you could do though is offer something elegant. Fast food with a twist. Maybe burgers made of exotic meat. A plate of sliders so people can sample different flavours. Dirty fries, American sodas, something that little bit different from the mundane. Cuisine with inspiration from around the world. Alternatives to what you would usually find on the 24 hour menu.


Fly The Vegan Flag

The next option on our list of street food startup ideas is going down the vegan road. There are lots of people who are enjoying plant based meals every day of the week. Lessening their impact on the planet we live on. Creating healthy and delicious vegan food that appeals to the masses can be difficult, however once you’ve got those recipes nailed, you’ll be laughing. Create vegan versions of well known dishes or something completely unique and off the wall. Vegan food doesn’t have to be just plates of vegetables. It can be exciting and tasty.

Super Sushi 

Many people love sushi, however lots of us simply buy it from the supermarket. Why not crate a street food outlet which specialises in wonderful sushi. Taking inspiration from the far East, you can turn those delicious ingredients in awesome sushi that people can eat on the go. Stand out colours, incredible flavours, the crowds will gather around your stall. You can include vegetarian plates too, so everyone can enjoy the good food you have on offer. We’ll certainly become a regular customer!

street food startup ideas

Toasties With A Twist

How about something we all love, but made that little bit differently? Next on our list of street food startup ideas is toasties with a twist. Many of us will make a cheese toastie at home for an easy lunch. However cheese toasties are basic. Toasties with a twist are so much more. How many delicious ingredients can you cram between two slices of artisan bread? Chicken, brie, bacon and cranberry on sourdough sounds incredible. Ricotta and fig, pulled pork and tomato jam, mushroom pepper and red onion. The possibilities are endless. Sprinkle some extra cheese on the outside of the bread for an extra crunchy bite. They are also quick and easy to make meaning you’ll b able to work your way through the queue at speed.

Sweet Treats

How about a street food stall which provides sweet treats? Something alternative to the savoury options we’ve talked about. Consider pancakes, crepes and waffles. Maybe a rainbow of gelato flavours. Folded ice cream. Sweet bags full of edible goodies you won’t find on the supermarket shelves. Unique doughnuts, churros, cheesecake and cupcakes. Ensure you have something to appeal to every member of the family and you could make plenty of money with each order. 

street food startup ideas

Let’s Wrap It Up

Street food needs to be eaten as you walk around. The requirement of a knife and fork isn’t always ideal, especially if there is a lack of areas to sit down. Handheld foods often make the best street food startup ideas so for our final option, how about wrapping it all up? Everything in a traditional wrap, housing anything and everything you want. Create a menu of delicious options that people will love to try. From the obvious chicken fajitas to pizza wraps and falafel wraps. How about an entire meals in a wrap? Yes, we’re talking about a roast dinner in a wrap, including a Yorkshire pudding. Get creative, and offer something that people will love to sink their teeth into. 

These are just a selection of street food startup ideas. There is an entire buffet of ideas that you could bring to the dinner table. Create a brand that people will buy into, with food that they will love to eat. Give them a reason to come back to you over and over again. You really can create a success story from one spark. Dream up some street food startup ideas and you could be cooking up a storm before you know it.

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