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7 ways for budget-conscious travellers to enjoy a stay in Las Vegas


Photo by Grant Cai on Unsplash

Las Vegas is famed for its glitz and glamour. It’s a city which caters to those with expensive tastes. But if you’re someone who’s counting the pennies, you’ll be pleased to know it’s still possible to visit “Sin City” and enjoy the experience on a budget.

Some people never consider the prospect of a holiday to Las Vegas, simply because they think it’ll cost too much. But if you dig a little deeper, you’ll discover many ways to save you money and hassle throughout your trip to the Nevada desert.

Below, we’ve put together a hit-list of money-saving tips and strategies to help your holiday budget go further in the bright lights of the Las Vegas Strip.

The $20 bill trick can bag bargain room upgrades

Although some Vegas hotels have rooms available for as little as $20-$30 a night, there are others with lavish suites which can cost four or even five-figure sums for one night.

A great way to get more than you asked for with your hotel is to use the $20 bill trick at check in. It’s one of the most tried and trusted recommendations for saving money on your Vegas accommodation. When an attendant is dealing with your check in, slip a $20 note between your credit card and ID. Calmly ask if there’s any complimentary upgrades available and most attendants will take the tip and bump up your room. It may be a better view or even a better room, but it’s amazing how far a $20 tip can go!

Enjoy the bargain brunch and lunch options

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to pay a fortune for decent, tasty food on the Strip. There are several restaurants in the casino resorts which offer breakfasts and brunches from as little as $4.99. There’s a strip of places in Planet Hollywood which specialise in brunches and lunches at rock-bottom prices.

Ocean One Grill is the place to go for cheap eats at lunch, with all lunch menu items weighing in at only $5.99 apiece.

Bring your own coffee machine if you’re a caffeine fiend

Are you someone who can’t function at the start of the day without a drop of caffeine? The casino resorts of Las Vegas know just how many of you need coffee to power through the day, which is why their coffee prices are extortionate – even from a standard Starbucks.

Don’t be surprised to pay north of $10 for a single coffee – and you’ll usually have a long wait for it in the mornings too. Take your own coffee maker and pods to enjoy in your hotel room – your wallet will thank you later in the week!

Avoid staying through weekends

As with most party destinations around the world, hotel rates are usually ramped up from Friday to Sunday. If you’re planning on visiting Vegas for just a few nights, you might consider booking your trip from Monday through to Thursday, especially if you’re not interested in checking out the biggest and best nightclubs Vegas has to offer – more on those shortly.

There are plenty of on-Strip stores for cheap snacks

Don’t be sucked into the stores inside your casino resort to buy drinks and snacks. There are several convenience stores dotted along Las Vegas Boulevard. The likes of Walgreens and CVS will sort you out with everything you need, from crisps, sandwiches and soft drinks to anything stronger.

Get on the guestlist of your favourite nightclubs

If one of your main goals is to party in one of Vegas’ iconic nightclubs, the first thing to do is find out a way to get yourself on a guestlist. Female travellers will be pleased to know these guestlists usually favour women, giving you exclusive early entry into the club and you won’t have to pay a cover charge either.

The best route to getting on a guestlist is by emailing the club hosts well in advance of your trip.

Pay for the lunchtime buffet price and have an early dinner

Photo by Upgraded Points on Unsplash

The all-you-can-eat buffets in Las Vegas are notorious worldwide. Any kind of cuisine you can think of, you’ll probably find it at a Vegas buffet. These buffets have higher prices for dinner times than lunch sittings though, as there’s more choice in the evenings than in the middle of the day.

But there’s nothing stopping you paying right at the end of the lunchtime sitting and biding your time until the evening food is available. Some of the best dishes like king crab legs are reserved for the evening sittings, so you can get great value for money this way!

Hopefully this list of tips can help save you some dollars to spend elsewhere during your time in Las Vegas or, better still, leave you with more in your bank account to save for your next holiday when you get home.

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