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7 Types Of Blogs That Make Money

How would you like to be a full time blogger? Making money from running your own blog and giving your opinion on things? Writing advice, putting together articles of information and offering knowledge? With so many of us struggling for cash right now, or looking for ways to boost our savings account with side hustles, just what are the types of blogs that make money? You might have the information to offer but are you going to be able to make any money from the effort your put in? Monetising your blog is a great thing to do but you need plenty of views in order to get any real cash from it. Let's look at some of the best blog niches you can begin writing today!


A parenting blog is a great way to give advice, information and techniques in the world of parenting to new parents look for a little bit of help. New babies are being born every day and so you have an audience who spend a lot of time online, searching for knowledge that you can offer. If you can write articles bout family life that people want to read and are actively looking for, you'll see your views increase and could make a name for yourself in the world of parent blogging. This could lead to paid collaborations with brands you admire.

types of blogs that make money


Lifestyle blogs can incorporate many things, from fashion to travel. If you have a unique and quirky lifestyle and can stand yourself out from the statured market of lifestyle bloggers, you can make some decent cash from your blog. Your blog readers will buy into your lifestyle and follow your journey to the Spanish Canary Islands and across the oceans to see the world. We can get obsessed and intrigued with the was that other people are living, just look at the rise in reality TV. If you're a fashion blogger you could team up with clothes companies or even sell on the clothes you wear. Lifestyle blogs are one of the types of blogs that make money.


People are always looking for new ways to get healthy and stay healthy. We're border line obsessed with finding ways to look and feel better. Health is an area of blogging that covers many topics. it could be from physical fitness, like working out, running and exercise, to looking after your health with supplements, a change in lifestyle and maybe even mental health. The world of wellbeing is being talked about more and more, with a focus on our mental health and especially looking after the minds of our youth. There are thousands of searches related to health, every day on Google and other search engines. Start writing and your articles could soon be found!

Faith & Spiritual

More and more of us are looking for meaning in life. Whether we go through global pandemics or individual heartbreak, we can often find ourselves searching for something to cling onto. Looking into faith and spirituality is something lots more of us are doing, that ever before. Your blog doesn't necessarily have to touch on religion as many people find that topic hard to digest. However, faith and spiritual blogs are getting ever more popular. You might feel strange or have mixed feelings about earning money from a faith based blog. However, if you're helping people and sharing information, being able to gain a monetary benefit from it, to pay your bills, is a good thing. It's quite a niche area to write about it you might get people disagreeing with what you are saying and leaving comments. prepare yourself for those but stick by what you write.


Crafting blogs offer projects and ideas to enjoy in your spare time. With more of us spending time at home, looking for ways to fill tat time after we've binge watched everything on Netflix, is where crafting comes into play. Whether you're interested in sharing crafting projects to do with graphic design, sewing, croqueting, painting, woodwork or something else, you can inspire others to pick up their tools and get creative. as well as monetising your blog you could also sell project ideas, worksheets, digital downloads, craft kits and of course, things that you make! Crafting could be king when it comes to types of blogs that make money. 

Frugal Living

We all struggle with money at some point. Whether it's needing money to pay the bills or wanting to cut back on spending so we can save for something specific, money is a great area to blog about. Frugal living is a wonderful area to concentrate on within that. sharing ways that people can live the life the want, in a frugal way, will get much interest. If you've managed to save a certain amount of money, or get yourself out of a bundle of debt with your frugal lifestyle, this is a story that people will buy into. Not only will they enjoy reading your articles, finding out your top tips and secrets, you might even be able to create planners or downloads that will help people stick to these frugal living ways. 

types of blogs that make money

House & Home Decor

The final niche on our list of types of blogs that make money is home decor. Many of us want to do our homes up and find ideas online of the best ways to do it. Whether its luxurious and glamourous, or improving your home on a budget, there will be people looking to do the same. Write down what you've done, the ideas you've used and take awesome photos which people will like seeing. They might even share them, driving even more people to your blog. Use Pinterest is a huge place where people get home decor ideas from, and you can use it to help drive traffic to your site.

Start Writing Today

If any of these ideas have made you think that blogging is for you, all your have to do is start writing. As ore and more people start blogging, you need to find a way to stand out in a busy market and also find ways to send people to your blog, so you can earn money from the monetisation side of your website. Think about other ways you can use your blog to add a revenue stream to your income too. Have fun blogging!

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