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5 Of The Best Genuine Online Jobs Without Investment

Lots of jobs need investment from the beginning. Consider if you were needing qualifications, a bricks and mortar premises, extra equipment or to buy stock in order to sell, you might require a good slice of cash to begin with. Getting things off the ground can so easily mean investing with money, but there are jobs out there that you can perhaps run via the laptop you already own, with the knowledge you already have. In a time when people are losing jobs, looking for other avenues to top up their bank accounts and considering career changes, let's look at 5 of the best genuine online jobs without investment. So you can get started sooner! 

Online Tutor

Did you know that there are people out there wanting to learn what you can teach them? You might not consider yourself that much of a teacher or someone with much wisdom, but the reality is, you have more skills than you perhaps realise. If you speak English as your first language, you could teach others how to speak it. There are many people who don't have English as a first language and want to learn. What better than from someone who has been speaking it for [insert your age here] years!? You could set yourself up doing this online, booking half hour or hour sessions which you could easily charge between £20-£40 for. Face to face lessons could be charged at a higher rate and you could not only earn a living, but make a difference as you do it. 

Your knowledge doesn't necessarily stop there either. If you have experience and indeed qualifications in certain areas you could become a tutor for struggling students, for example. There are many who fall behind or find specific subjects hard. If you are one of those who found maths or science easy, you could help pupils studying for GCSEs. You could even assist people with bookkeeping or offer personal training over the internet. If you have skills, there are people out there who want to learn them.

Virtual Assistant

Remember when business people all seemed to have hired help? Some still do but with there are many businesses who have cut back and those higher up the company have to organise their own workload that little bit more. This is where you could come in. Offering personal assistant services without the full time wage. Virtual assistants can work for any client anywhere in the world and help them with diary management, booking meetings and organising travel. You could also be replying to emails, sorting files and folders and creating content for presentations and social media. This can help take the perhaps, more mundane jobs off the list for the business person, allowing them to focus on clients or meetings or the building of the business. That little bit of support if key for their busy lives and you'll earn a decent wage for it.

The benefits for you, as well as that wage, include flexible working hours. You'll also likely be employed for just a few hours a week for a client, meaning you can take on other clients too. Take on enough to give you a full time number of hours and you've got a job you can do from home on your laptop and mobile phone. The perfect low investment opportunity!

Focus Groups & Research Studies

Our list of genuine online jobs without investment continues with focus groups and research studies. There are companies and businesses who want to know what you think about their products. Focus groups are a great way to make cash and you also have an interesting time at them too. You could be asked anything from your thoughts on recent events to what you think about new products. The reason they want to get a well rounded view of different specifics is because it helps them direct the way they create products and see things through the eyes of potential customers. They might also be doing research on current events and want different opinions from people in different walks of life. 

Research studies might last that little bit longer. They might delve into things more deeply and you might get paid per appointment, or for the full study. These could include clinical trials, experimental studies or even things like studying your sleep. You can perhaps even be someone who is part of helping change the future. The direction of medicines or how we treat things could in part come down to how you participate in these research studies. They could simply be case studies looking at a range of people and how they act in different situations. You don't to invest anything because anything required you'll be provided with. These can be very interesting to be part of and you'll usually get a decent pay packet too. 

Virtual Receptionist or Customer Service

A little bit like a virtual assistant, a virtual reception or customer service consultant can be done from your laptop at home. Some businesses don't have a physical building that they congregate in. They simply work from their homes or coffee shops and answer calls on their mobiles. In order to be that little bit more professional they hire a virtual receptionist to take calls, pass on messages and get rid of sales calls. This also helps them divert unwanted calls and avoid unwanted distractions during the working day. You could do this for a living. The office number would simply be diverted to your company mobile. You could transfer the call to the person the caller is after or take messages, sending them over via email.

There are companies out there who don't have physical customer care centres either. These are often done via live chat with customer service agents being based at home. They simply log onto the systems at home and are able to response to queries and help customers with their problems. These companies will generally provide you with equipment but if you have a laptop and mobile phone you're all set to go. 

Create A Course

Have you been a success in your area of business? Have you thought up a product and brought it to market? Maybe you are well known for a fitness regime or for turning a business profit in a short space of time. There are loads of things that people have done that other people want to do themselves. It could be getting 100,000 YouTube subscribers, building your own campervan or starting an online store in just a few hours. If you can write all the information into a course or eBook, you can sell it. This is perfect as well as once you've done the work, it can be sold again and again and again. This means it's selling whilst you're doing something else, earning you a passive income. What could you teach people through a downloadable online course?

As you can see from our list of five genuine online jobs without investment, there are lots of potential ideas you could start today, without any specialist equipment. With less investment from the outset, you're starting to earn profit quicker which helps your dream of working for yourself, from home and online, a reality!


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