10 Free Things To Do In London

  I’m a huge travel fan, and I’m a big believer that travelling doesn’t have to cost a lot of money (unless, that is you want it to). Regardless of your budget there’s always ways to make travel a possibility. At the moment I’m in London for five nights for the World Travel Market. Staying in London for any extended period of time as a solo traveller isn’t cheap. In the past I’ve opted for Airbnb, however this… View Post

How To Organise Your Digital Life

Whilst everyone is busy spring cleaning their houses, I’m spending days sat at my Macbook organising my digital life. Truth be told I’ve more digital clutter than I have physical clutter. I’m a real advocate for minimalism, but it’s not something I practice when it comes to my 12,367 unread emails and my minefield of desktop files haphazardly strewn across the screen. An unorganised digital life can be easy to hide, but just like physical clutter it can make… View Post

An Interview With Cara MacMillan + Giveaway

  I’ve recently had the pleasure of being introduced to Cara MacMillan. Cara has been blogging about creating sustainable wealth for you as an individual, an investor and as an entrepreneur for years. Now, with the launch of her new book ‘It’s only money and it grows on trees‘ I’ve invited Cara to speak to us about her experiences.   My blog features a timetable if you will, on Tuesday’s we look for opportunities to further research sustainable… View Post

Why RedBubble Is Awesome For Gifts

  Buying gifts sucks… I mean, the warm smile on their face when you know you’ve got it right is priceless. However, the pain and suffering you need to endure to make that smile possible is hard work. Earlier this month I was searching for a reasonably priced gift for my girlfriend. Something different, something personal, something that says… “I know you…” Sure, I could have gone for jewellery. Honestly I knew I could do better… and I did!… View Post

My Ideal Festive Wishlist With Debenhams

Debenhams recently contacted me inviting me to take part in their Win Your Wishlist competition. I’ve had such a writers block recently, I thought that writing a wish list would be a great way to get back into writing and into the Christmas spirit. I love shopping at Debenhams, their homeware is fantastic quality (we have some towels that we purchased from them around 2 years ago, they look like we bought them 2 weeks ago) and the… View Post

Rattan – The Interior Decor & Garden Trend of 2017

  You’ve only to look at the specification of Rattan to understand why it’s tipped to be the interior decor and garden trend of 2017. Being one of the few materials to break the barrier between both indoor and outdoor purpose furniture and decor. This contemporary furniture is available in a wide range of sofas, tables, chairs and accessories. It’s the accessories or in fact, one accessory in particular that I’m going to be reviewing today. The Rattan Planter… View Post