Hi! I'm Cora Harrison

Although you probably know me as The Mini Millionaire. I’m the person behind this personal finance, lifestyle and travel blog right here. 
 I launched the blog in late 2014 as a way of documenting my journey to becoming a millionaire. 
 I wrote highly successful popular posts such as; 
 Why I Only Buy Designer Clothes & How To Womble… 
 However, mid-2016 things changed… I realised that in all my frugal living, I’d stopped, well… LIVING. 
 I re-launched myself, and this blog. I started not only talking about ways to save money, I also started covering how to earn more, and have more FUN with the money you’re making / saving. Fast track to 2017 and I’m just a couple of months away from setting out on a journey of location independence with my girlfriend Helen. Making up for lost time we’re looking to travel the world, and earn a living from our laptops. 
 However, I wont be keeping the secrets to myself. I’ll be sharing everything I learn; the good, the bad, and the ugly right here on this blog.