Using My Tesco Clubcard Vouchers To Travel: Uber

Since the withdrawal of the Tesco Clubcard points boost a couple of years ago I’ve been left stranded as to what to do with my mountain of points. I’ve over £200 worth at the time of writing, and with many due to expire in the coming months I’m working out where and when to spend my points to ensure maximum value.

It’s no secret that Helen and I love to travel, and while we often choose public transport over the more private services such as taxis. I understand that sometimes it’s unavoidable. So, when an upcoming trip in the UK led to us needing an Uber (and knowing this in advance) I chose to convert some of our Clubcard points into Uber credit.

Of course you wouldn’t always need to know in advance that you’re going to use Uber. I know many people who use it on a regular basis and if that’s the case would simply opt to convert and ‘top up’ their account on a regular basis. Unfortunatly, we only use it on a handful of occasions a year and therefore wanted to avoid wasting our Clubcard vouchers. Had we not know about requiring an Uber in advance then we would have not been able to take advantage of the Tesco Clubcard offer (you could probably do it via mobile but I don’t think it would be as easy or convenient as it is on the computer in advance)

The conversion rate of points is three times. While it’s not as good as some restaurants on the programme, I found it really impressive. Especially considering I often find Uber cheaper than any taxi alternative in any city (UK or abroad)

Uber also has the lowest conversion rate. Allowing you to convert as little as £0.50 in Tesco Clubcard vouchers into credit (it’s often £2.50+)

I opted to convert £5 into £15 and the voucher code came through to my email address almost instantly.

The email contained simple and easy to follow redemption instructions. Although it’s worth mentioning that if you are yet to use Uber you can gain £10 in credit completely free by using the code ‘CWHFJ’ or following this link.

An it’s safe to say the instructions we’re very easy to follow. As I managed to add my code to my account in a matter of minutes. All set, and ready to spend.

In conclusion I believe that Uber vouchers are a great way to spend Tesco Clubcard vouchers. It’s certainly the most convenient way of private travel and very affordable – made even more so by Tesco Clubcard.


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