Using My Tesco Clubcard Vouchers To Travel: 16 – 25 Railcard

Since the withdrawal of the Tesco Clubcard points boost a couple of years ago I’ve been left stranded as to what to do with my mountain of points. I’ve over £200 worth at the time of writing, and with many due to expire in the coming months I’m working out where and when to spend my points to ensure maximum value. 

Myself and my girlfriend Helen are doing a lot of domestic travel inside of the UK in the coming months. So we figured we’d take advantage of the 16 – 25 Railcard for the final time (we’re now 25 and wont be able to apply come next year)

The railcard can be purchased for £30 and lasts one year. It provides you with a third of all rail journeys (and on the London Underground). Considering the sheer amount public transport on our national rail system costs that can quickly add up to a small fortune. In fact, in the past I’ve been known to save more than £30 on one journey. Making it worth while to purchase the railcard for that one ticket alone. CRAZY!

In this case a saving of 1/3 wasn’t going to amount to more than £30. So, I really wanted to find a budget alternative to picking up the card – and I did. Thanks to Tesco Clubcard.

The card costs £15 worth of points. Meaning you get double your points in vouchers. This is by no means the best value for money when it comes to exchanging your points, restaurants offer up to four times the return.

However, if you’re looking to get the railcard and you’re not big on eating out (like me) then this works. In fact, it doesn’t just work for the 16 – 25 railcard but for the senior railcard, two together railcard and disabled persons railcard.

Once you’ve selected the type of railcard and quantity you would like to exchange. Selected the points you’d like to spend and received the voucher you’ll receive and informative email explaining how to set up an account on the railcard website.

From there you’ll fill in your details as usual. Once you’ve completed your application you’ll be forwarded onto the payment page. It’s here you can add you Tesco Clubcard token. This will then be deducted and reduce the cost of your basket to £0.00. From here you can go ahead and complete your order.

I personally opted to have my railcard within the Railcard mobile application (suitable for both iOS and Android). This meant that I’d never misplace and / or loose it and have it available at all times. It also meant that I could use the railcard immediately. Without waiting for it to be delivered by post – which can take up to 14 days.

It’s no secret that this isn’t the best value for money when it comes to exchanging your points. However, it’s certainly a practical way of saving money and seems to be a gift that keeps on giving for those who travel by rail regularly.


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