Travelling Across Europe With Regiojet Coaches

If you have been following us, you will know we have been travelling Europe on our digital nomad adventure, starting in Bulgaria and working our way back to England. While on our travels we have used many different types of coaches and buses none of which were big brands or names until we came across Regiojet. 

  • 95%
    Booking Process - 95%
  • 61%
    Staff - 61%
  • 68%
    On Board Experience - 68%
  • 88%
    Value For Money - 88%


A real step up from the service I've seen from UK based coaches Regiojet is a service I'd use again in the future. However, just because it's better than that seen in the UK doesn't mean it's perfect. There's still improvements to be made...

We were travelling from Budapest, Hungary to Bratislava, Slovakia. We spent 5 nights in Budapest and to save money we stayed in a shared dorm in a hostel. If you are looking to visit and save money check out my review

Travel Details

From: Budapest, Hungary

To: Bratislava, Slovakia

Journey Duration: 3 hours 

Price Per Adult: £8.78 (based on conversion rates at present time)


Regiojet is mostly online and is simple to use, if using the comparison site once you select your ticket you will transfer over to the Regiojet site. Booking was simple and easy especially when trying to compare the best way to travel, if you are like you, you will want to save money where you can. Once you have booked and payment has gone through you will receive an email with your tickets attached. 

Regiojet also has a mobile app if you prefer to use that than having to search for the email as you board the bus. 

Seating And Comfort

On boarding, the attendant will check your ticket and you will either have a seat number on your ticket or will be given one. The seats are comfortable and have plenty of leg room, the seat also has an above compartment for small hand luggage, a fold away tray and seat pocket.

The numbers above the seats were a little tricky to work out as they were a little miss aligned but worked out in the end.  There was plenty of space to get comfortable for long journeys as well as a curtain for blocking out the sun. 


Upon boarding the attendant came across as quite frustrated and stern, this, unfortunately, carried on throughout the journey even with her best efforts to do her job and it was a little off putting. However, this would not stop me using the company again as it was great. There were snacks available to buy as the attendant came around and were also offered a complimentary hot drink or water. 

As we were the first stop there was no need for us to hear of any stops or additional information. There was a toilet available on board to use, there was complimentary wifi on board but was only available within the borders of Bratislava. 


Value For Money

We booked our tickets within days of leaving Budapest so we could have been paying much more, we found the tickets through the comparison site and got the best deal. This led us to Regiojet being the best price for the time we needed to arrive in Bratislava, the prices vary and can be cheaper for early morning or out of peak season. 

There wasn’t much you can fault with the service of Regiojet and company itself. If you were to ask me if I would use this service and company again I would say yes. I wouldn’t like to have to take a much longer journey as the freedom to get snacks from the front and move from your seat was a little frowned upon, but otherwise, I would use this service in the future. 

So there you have it, my review on Regiojet. The easiest and quickest way to book your trip with Regiojet is with GoEuro. Have you travelled with Regiojet? What were your experiences like? Let me know in the comments below.


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